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Readers Respond: What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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Sure, lots of people like the iPhone a lot. But any iPhone user knows it's not perfect. Whether you've encountered bugs or if there are things about the design of the iPhone (or the people who love it) that frustrate or annoy you, share your iPhone complaints here. [Don't post requests for tech support here, as they won't be answered. Ask tech support questions in the forum.]

IMPORTANT: If your complaints are about iOS, 7 please add them to the iOS 7 Complaints page. This page is for general iPhone issues. If you post iOS 7 complaints here, I will delete them.

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iPhone SUCKS

iPhone SUCKS and so does their service. Since the latest update, my iPhone has wiped out my contacts and now the phone doesn't work. Lost everything that was stored in my phone. Took it to the Apple Store - of course they cannot fix it - apparently I need to get a replacement phone for $150.00. But they will take my old phone. Why? So they fix it and sell it as a replacement phone? They are the biggest crooks. IPHONE SUCKS. When you try to update an older model, it stops working so they can sell you a replacement phone for $150.00 and more. They take your phone fix it and sell it again to another customer as a replacement phone. But when you take your phone to them they say it cannot be fixed. Then why do they take your old phone? The phones don't even last for the entire 2 year. NEVER UPDATE YOUR PHONE. NEXT TIME GET A DIFFERENT PHONE, ANYTHING BUT IPHONE.
—Guest chacris

iPhone Chargers

Had my iPhone for around 7 months and have been through 6/7 chargers, currently needing a new one at this moment in time! I'd like to complain about the strength of the charger and how unpractical they have become. The phone was expensive enough, nevermind spending money on chargers! Looks like I will be leaving Apple at the end of my contract.
—Guest Bradley

Can not believe S/H charges

Bought an IPhone 5S went home backup phone & while it was backing up the phone got 10 white lines through the screen. The phone was less than 24 hours old. Took phone back where we purchased it & they couldn't do anything. Had to call Apple to get a brand new phone but they took credit card to charge my account $29.99 s/h. It was not our fault we got a defective phone, so why should we pay s/h? Should have more Apple Stores. Closest store is 2 1/2 hours away. Apple should also give the stores the capability to exchange iPhone when there is problem & they DO NOT.
—Guest Carol

Great as a computer, crappy as a phone

Downloaded and purchased two ringtones from iTunes. Once installed and used, my iPhone stops ringing at random. The only solution after weeks of research and several calls to Apple was to remove the ringtones, no refund given. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.
—Guest BD

No custom label in contacts???

They had the option to add a custom label in your contacts, but they took it out when they updated it. I used that to have one contact for one household but be able to distinguish between the husband and wife's cell number. Now I can't and I don't know who I'm calling. A bunch of BS- please put it back. Why would you remove it in the first place? Did someone complain? I highly doubt it. So what about the people who used it? The people who thought it was the greatest thing. You're letting all of us down. Silly to disappoint customers by taking something out that was not only cool but very useful for people. I'm a perfect example-
—Guest GarrettZ


The cap of my charger is on the verge of breaking. I have the regular charger, not the iPhone 5 charger. Now my phone is dead and I have to wait a few days for another charger.
—Guest Esme

Apple robs one of its loyal consumers

I brought my iPod into the Apple Store in the hope of having it fixed as the home button had stopped working. I gave it in and after a week in the closest capital city getting "checked," I was told it would cost more than the iPod cost me to repair. I asked for its return in the semi-broken state that it was in and when I went to pick it up I was told that it would cost 300 nok (approx $50 USD. What's more? At no point was I told about it) to get it back. What is up with that? I bought the thing at retail price just to have it break on me, and have to pay $50 just to get it checked out and have nothing done to it. Clean up your act Apple, this was a daylight robbery and just shady exploitation on your behalf.
—Guest Al

iPhone 4S Battery and Email issues

Hello group, I just recently got an iPhone 4S that has iOS 7.0.4 on it and I have been having the following issues: the battery drains itself after three hours of use. The second issue is with e-mail. I have been having problems that started out as an intermittant problem where email messages weren't coming from the email server to the phone, and today (Sunday 06.April.2014) the whole email server just crashed and now I am not receiving new email messages to the phone. I talked to two Apple Stores and they were not in any way helpful. The Apple Stores have the worst customer service ever.
—Guest Peter

iPhone 5S Wi-Fi issues

First and last iPhone for me. Attempted all suggested settings for Wi-Fi router. Replaced with new router and still nothing. Connects for 10-15 sec then cuts out.
—Guest Mike

Will never buy crap from Apple again

Good luck to a company who can't figure out how Wi-Fi works. A MAC address is important to a PC repair company, but you guys blew it. Please come at me Apple. You will lose. [Just a general reminder: this site is not affiliated with Apple. -Sam]
—Guest mike

iPhone 5 charger

This is overpriced with (what I believe to be) intentional design flaws, designed to break so they can charge you an extortionate amount to replace it. I have never had an issue with any sort of charger as I have with Apple's USB cable. Shame on them for profiteering on their own bad designs.
—Guest McGoat

iPod nano is a piece of crap

iPod nano 6 on/off button gets stuck after a year and a half of light use. Took it to the Apple Store and they told me I needed to buy a new one. I can buy a cheap MP3 player for 1/3 the cost that will last more than 18 months. DON'T EXPECT APPLE PRODUCTS TO LAST!
—Guest Vicky

Apple products went from great to crap

If Apple spent less time competing with Samsung and more time building a quality product they would hold loyal customers like myself. I've had 3 chargers burn up on me. Thank God we were awake every time it happened. The battery is now crappy. I was once able to use my phone on my daily walks and now it dies on me after an hour out. I pray nothing happens while I'm out there because I can't call for help.
—Guest Vicki

Three ah

Why is it that iPhones cost an arm and a leg and yet all other phones do one thing that iPhone just does not do? Why can't we hang up on one person on a three-way call? We have to hang up on all even if you're not finished speaking? I will not buy another iPhone until they decide to fix this problem. It's been years now. I would think you made enough money to come up with a solution already. [This feature has existed since at least iOS 6: http://ipod.about.com/od/phonefeatures/ss/How-To-Make-Iphone-Conference-Calls.htm -Sam]
—Guest Punkie

Chargers poorly designed

Both my daughter and I have the new iPhone 5 and have gone through 7 chargers in less than two months. We are extremely careful when unplugging our devices, and they still keep breaking. The charger is poorly designed, flimsily made, and comes apart very easily. Apple is a multi-billion dollar company, yet they can't do any better than to offer a poor-quality charging device. They need to redesign, and recall the current chargers, then offer a free replacement to every person that has purchased the new iPhone.
—Guest Irritated w/ apple

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What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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