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Readers Respond: What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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Sure, lots of people like the iPhone a lot. But any iPhone user knows it's not perfect. Whether you've encountered bugs or if there are things about the design of the iPhone (or the people who love it) that frustrate or annoy you, share your iPhone complaints here. [Don't post requests for tech support here, as they won't be answered. Ask tech support questions in the forum.]

IMPORTANT: If your complaints are about iOS, 7 please add them to the iOS 7 Complaints page. This page is for general iPhone issues. If you post iOS 7 complaints here, I will delete them.

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iPhone 5

I bought an iPhone 5 in January 2013. It broke for the first time in October and Apple changed my phone. Last week, my iPhone broke and I spent about 5 hours on the phone to get a new one or to repair the broken one. They told me they will give me a new phone if I go in an Apple Store. I went to an Apple Store and to get there I had to drive 4 hours. Once I was there they didn't want to give me a new one; they repaired the old phone. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? MY IPHONE BROKE AGAIN. SO THANK YOU APPLE FOR GIVING ME 2 BROKEN IPHONES WITH A REPAIR THAT DOESN'T WORK. YOU SPEND MORE MONEY BY GIVING ME 2 PHONES THAT AREN'T WORKING THAN ONE THAT IS WORKING FOR REAL.
—Guest amelie

Sold a 2nd-hand iPhone As New

I bought what I thought was a new iPhone from Virgin in Sept. 2012 only to find out in June 2014 that it has 2 serial and IMEI numbers and was registered in Bangkok in Aug. 2012, 1 month before I bought it. I made a complaint to Virgin and Apple as I had been to the Apple Store Perth several times, long story about going back and forward to the shop so won't go into all the details. Virgin were excellent and refunded all the money I had paid for the iPhone and released me from my contract early, they could not have been more apologetic. Apple on the other hand just messed me about, told me there was nothing they could do, couldn't provide a reason why my phone was registered in Bangkok, then ends up in a store in Perth 1 month later all wrapped up as if it was brand new. They offered me another 4S. I asked for a 5S to compensate me for all my trips into their store, car parking, fuel, time away from work and being made to feel as though I had been dishonest, the response from Apple, NO. [If Virgin sold you the phone, Apple was likely telling the truth that they couldn't provide a reason for the event. If Virgin had controlled the phone after they bought it from Apple, it would have been 100% Virgin's responsibility to solve the problem for you; Apple wasn't involved at all. -Sam]
—Guest Guest

Calendar function

The calendar function isn't fully operational. For the years preceding 1906, months are missing or are wrong and some years aren't listed at all. I wonder if this is a problem with just my phone or all iPhones. For historians and those in other professions, needing to know what day of the week in certain years can be useful information. If this is a system-wide bug, I hope it can be fixed.
—Guest Louis Jones

Sick of your company

I'm sick and tired of having problems with my iPhone every time I update my phone or my iTunes. I've given up on your company. I've contacted my service provider and I'm switching to a Galaxy S4 because I'm sick of Apple's b*******.
—Guest JeffMiller

Connecting to the Internet

I've got an iPhone 4 and I'm constantly having problems connecting to the Internet. It takes forever to load pages. I have recently got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and and it is a much better phone. It loads faster on 2G than my iPhone can on 3G. I find the weaker the signal, longer it takes.
—Guest Paul

iPhone 4S

After I updated 7.1.1, my iPhone has several problems. Wi-Fi does not work. It hangs at least 5 times a day, battery life is extremely poor. When I click on anything it takes at least 30 secs to open. I feel as if I am using a old desktop which used to take loads of time to open a file. I am absolutely fed up. Can anyone help?
—Guest Ramnath


Chargers are horrible! Me and my sis have gone through at least 10 since October!!!
—Guest Kb

iPad mini charger

I bought my 2 daughters and granddaughter iPads for Christmas they are going through chargers like crazy. They have each gone through 3 chargers each because they are breaking and the wires are breaking at the plug. I am so sorry I spent all this money on an Apple product. I bought the iPad because everyone recommended it. Now I'm sorry I did because I've spent almost as much on chargers as I have on one of the iPads. I will NEVER buy an Apple product again.


NEVER EVER support the Apple Store in Carindale Shopping Centre, Brisbane, Australia. They are USELESS, MEAN and SLY!!! My two iPhone 5's both broke down, after only 14 months, both still under warranty. That store had 2 FIXED appointments with me. They even emailed both appointments to me. But when I arrived in both cases, they ''were not aware'' of it!!! Even though I showed them!!! On both occasions, they let me wait for HOURS. I had HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES with that store TWICE now. If you dare raise your voice there, then they want to throw you out. Their products are SO BAD, that that shop is 24h PACKED with complaining customers. Their employees are useless & discriminate against customers who had FIXED APPOINTMENTS. They just want you to PURCHASE an Apple product, but then you can forget about getting any service or feedback from them. I am starting a huge campaign now against Apple. And against the APPLE STORE, Carindale Shopping Centre, Brisbane, Australia.
—Guest Coert

Dissatisfied with iPod.

My daughter bought me this iPod for my birthday. It will not let me do what I want. It will not let me download Adobe and cuts out on my games. What a load of rubbish. Never again will I purchase an Apple item. I wouldn't accept one now if you gave me one. It will probably end up with this one (in the biff a). I'm not a happy bunny.
—Guest Norman

iPhone problem

Since I did the update on my 4S, all my contact pics are thumbnail and I can't change it. I want the full pic again. How do I do this?
—Guest sheryl

2 iPhones in 17 months!!!!!

My new iPhone 5 suddenly died at 9 months; 8 months later the replacement iPhone 5 Apple service gave me suddenly developed receiver module problems that Apple service couldn't fix because it turned out to be "more extensive". The rep then asked me if I was due for an upgrade from my carrier so I could get a new phone. When I said to her that within 17 months I had 2 iPhones that had essentially "broken", she gave me a sympathetic nod and said, "It happens." Are you kidding me?!?! Even carriers expect that your phone will last at least 2 years. Where's the "quality and reliability" here? And Apple thinks that I would actually want a 3rd iPhone after this? What a rip-off!!! Oh, and when I said no, the rep did helpfully remind me that I still could use the phone with headphones. Gee thanks.
—Guest JST

Third Party Chargers

Okay now this is getting a little ridiculous that i buy a 500 dollar product but can't buy a cheap charger to charge that expensive product. Wow, what's the world coming to when you can't do a simple task as save money on having to pay an extra $30 every couple months because of a charger defect. I think that Apple is starting to get really overrated considering my Droid can allow any type of Android charger. Wow, looks like Apple has finally been beat. I rest my case.
—Guest Austin

iPhone 5 Charger Port Issues

I have had an IPhone for about 4 years and have had my current iPhone 5 for just over a year. I never had any problems until recently. Just before Christmas I started having issues with my iPhone not charging. I bought a new charger and the problem continued so I went into the Apple Store in Newcastle. They pulled some dust out of the charger port and the issue appeared to be resolved. However after Christmas it happened again, and again I went to the Apple Store, they did the same thing and the phone worked fine for a month. However, this last week the problem has come back, this time when I took the phone into the store, they tried pulling dust out the port but the phone would still not charge, I was then told that as the phone is out of warranty, there is nothing they can do other than charge me £209 to fix it!! What concerns me is that after speaking to other iPhone users and doing some online research, I have discovered this is a seriously common problem.
—Guest Jamie

Woeful Battery and Poor connectivity

I love my 5S, BUT should I have to use it to make any calls, the battery drains at a horrific rate. That is if I actually get a strong enough signal to make a call! I can stand next to my wife who has a Nokia and on the same carrier as me, she has a full signal and I will have one bar. Great computer and gadget, but crap as a phone.
—Guest mick

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What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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