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Readers Respond: What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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Sure, lots of people like the iPhone a lot. But any iPhone user knows it's not perfect. Whether you've encountered bugs or if there are things about the design of the iPhone (or the people who love it) that frustrate or annoy you, share your iPhone complaints here. [Don't post requests for tech support here, as they won't be answered. Ask tech support questions in the forum.]

IMPORTANT: If your complaints are about iOS, 7 please add them to the iOS 7 Complaints page. This page is for general iPhone issues. If you post iOS 7 complaints here, I will delete them.

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iPhone 5 charger

This is overpriced with (what I believe to be) intentional design flaws, designed to break so they can charge you an extortionate amount to replace it. I have never had an issue with any sort of charger as I have with Apple's USB cable. Shame on them for profiteering on their own bad designs.
—Guest McGoat

iPod nano is a piece of crap

iPod nano 6 on/off button gets stuck after a year and a half of light use. Took it to the Apple Store and they told me I needed to buy a new one. I can buy a cheap MP3 player for 1/3 the cost that will last more than 18 months. DON'T EXPECT APPLE PRODUCTS TO LAST!
—Guest Vicky

Apple products went from great to crap

If Apple spent less time competing with Samsung and more time building a quality product they would hold loyal customers like myself. I've had 3 chargers burn up on me. Thank God we were awake every time it happened. The battery is now crappy. I was once able to use my phone on my daily walks and now it dies on me after an hour out. I pray nothing happens while I'm out there because I can't call for help.
—Guest Vicki

Three ah

Why is it that iPhones cost an arm and a leg and yet all other phones do one thing that iPhone just does not do? Why can't we hang up on one person on a three-way call? We have to hang up on all even if you're not finished speaking? I will not buy another iPhone until they decide to fix this problem. It's been years now. I would think you made enough money to come up with a solution already. [This feature has existed since at least iOS 6: http://ipod.about.com/od/phonefeatures/ss/How-To-Make-Iphone-Conference-Calls.htm -Sam]
—Guest Punkie

Chargers poorly designed

Both my daughter and I have the new iPhone 5 and have gone through 7 chargers in less than two months. We are extremely careful when unplugging our devices, and they still keep breaking. The charger is poorly designed, flimsily made, and comes apart very easily. Apple is a multi-billion dollar company, yet they can't do any better than to offer a poor-quality charging device. They need to redesign, and recall the current chargers, then offer a free replacement to every person that has purchased the new iPhone.
—Guest Irritated w/ apple


Since I updated iPhone 4S to 7.0.4 battery drains fast & speaker does not work.
—Guest Ashli

Never buying an Apple product again

4 hour battery life, myriad of technical problems such as shutting off with ~50% battery, iOS 7 is garbage, have gone through 4 frickin' chargers and THEY HAVE ALL. BROKEN. ALL OF THEM. I am going to lose my mind trying to make it to the 2-year mark with this hunk of junk. Whatever you do, no matter your options, DO NOT BUY AN IPHONE.
—Guest Jazzy Jamboree


Since I updated to iOS 7 my iPod takes more than 4 hours to sync 20 songs. Good job, Apple. You guys are doing a fantastic job on making your product worst and worst.
—Guest ROTTEN Apple

All phones are being monitored/r-a

iOS 7 cannot possibly have so many glitches and random issues, such as the ghost texting and browser freezing. Apple has teamed with the government to monitor every Apple device in the world, and the problems are a result of someone else on your phone [???? -Sam]
—Guest Iphone5


I have had my new iPhone 5 since this Christmas. which isn't even 2 months yet and my charger is already broken? And last week my screen totally froze so I couldn't use my phone for 24 hours, which meant my alarm kept on going off so I had to leave it. I've never dropped it since I have had it. Sort it out instead of constantly making new and not-so-improved iPhones. Think it needs sorting, thank you very much.
—Guest Morg

Horrible chargers for the iPhone 5

This is my very first iPhone and probably my last. I have never had a charger go bad before but this one has such a weak cord it gets bent easily and stops working. I have had my phone for 14 months and am going on my 3rd charger and they aren't cheap at all. I guess you would rather make money on chargers than phones because if I had a good charger I would probably have gone on to eventually buy another iPhone but not when I have to put this much money into new chargers. And now the home key on my phone is starting to stick too :( I hope this darn phone lasts until December so I can upgrade to something else that I don't have to worry about taking a s*** before my 2-year contract is up.
—Guest Denise

I cannot believe your chargers!

So I've had an iPhone since the iPhone 4 and now I have the iPhone 5S and every one of my chargers that comes with them has discontinued to work! I'm in shock how bad of chargers you guys make! Wow! Worst chargers made! You guys totally make them so they'll break and we the loyal customers have to end up spending another 20 dollars on an already-expensive product that we really shouldn't have to be buying a charger every 3 months! Really appreciate it Apple! Kind of understanding why so many people are switching to Androids! Good day!
—Guest Fermin

Samsung all the way

So disappointed with Apple. They've gone downhill. 4OS Wi-Fi greyed out and replacement crashed. Are their staff working for Samsung? Because I'm now a convert.
—Guest Anna

iPhone 5 charger

I've had my iPhone for nearly 2 years now and I must have had about 7/8 chargers. They all keep breaking. I'd like to complain about the terrible quality of them. They break too easily and are rubbish. Getting rid of my phone after this year. Bye Apple.
—Guest H.H

iPhone 5 charger is so bad!!!

I've had my iPhone 5 for 6 months now and the charger is so bad!!! It has stopped working, which means I will need to buy a new one. Apple are always bringing out new versions with improved this and that and several new updates, but what they should really focus on is improving their chargers! I mean it's ridiculous. The charger is very short and of bad quality!!!!
—Guest shopzzzzz

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What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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