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Readers Respond: What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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Sure, lots of people like the iPhone a lot. But any iPhone user knows it's not perfect. Whether you've encountered bugs or if there are things about the design of the iPhone (or the people who love it) that frustrate or annoy you, share your iPhone complaints here. [Don't post requests for tech support here, as they won't be answered. Ask tech support questions in the forum.]

IMPORTANT: If your complaints are about iOS, 7 please add them to the iOS 7 Complaints page. This page is for general iPhone issues. If you post iOS 7 complaints here, I will delete them.

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Poor design of iPhone box

Having set up several people in our business with iPhone 4 & 6's it is amazing to me how poorly designed the box is. The cover fits so tight that it creates a suction effect when you try to remove it. When you finally get it off it causes the phone to pop out of the box and onto the floor unless you are quick enough to catch it!! Why is the phone sitting unprotected right on the very top of the box? It should be on the bottom of the box.
—Guest dexhiker

iPhone 4S

My biggest problem is the charger. I had to replace it twice! It's really frustrating. As is, my battery is about to die & I need a new charger! Disappointed in iPhone 4S. And my phone someone called me all way phone say busy busy busy, but my phone is all time free.
—Guest shakeer shaihk


My iPhone 5 still looks brand new. I recently upgraded the iOS and my phone is now completely screwed up. Everytime I charge, it shows me connect to iTunes, home button not working, battery power very bad, Siri works by itself and if we will switch off Siri, voice control is on automatically. I went to Apple Store, they couldn't fix it. I do understand I don't have any warranty left, but since this happened because of iOS update, I think Apple should take the responsibility. I don't trust Apple products anymore.
—Guest Pooja

Expensive cable, substandard quality

This is my third iPhone 5 cable and both have been of really bad quality...They start crimping at the source and when I went to get it exchanged they said it was physical damage and that it couldn't be done. So now I'm stuck with a faulty cable until I collect enough to buy a new one. Very disappointing and not at all good for publicity.
—Guest sanjay.darknight3@gmail.com


OK, this is b******t Apple. Seriously, people pay so much for your products and you can't even do one simple thing and make the update actually work properly with certain operating systems! Would just like to say from taking a picture through my text messages to opening an app, I have nothing but problems! Seriously, just do your job and send out an update that works with the 4S properly! (:
—Guest Alicious


Ever since the update my iPhone has been coming on when it's not supposed to. When I shut it down it'll come back on and Siri keeps calling people and playing music. It just won't stop.
—Guest Darius

i0S 8 messing up some internet apps

iOS 8 won't allow some apps which tie into Facebook to authenticate. Slow internet even on Wi-Fi.
—Guest RickH

Manufacturer defect

iPhone on/off button struck after a year. It is a part faulty issue. I had an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 having the same problem. It is a manufacture fault. Apple must take up the responsibility to repair or replace the defective phone.

iPhone 4

Dear sir. My iPhone has a problem: it's getting hot, hanging up, speaker, etc. after updated software.
—Guest Venus Jaggi

Thuli Khumalo

My biggest problem is the charger. I had to replace it twice! It's really frustrating. As is, my battery is about to die & I need a new charger! Disappointed in iPhone 5 :(
—Guest Thuli

J. Velasquez

Since the so-called latest and then the fix for update, my iPhone 5S has been extremely slow. What the heck did you guys do to my phone?
—Guest J. Velasquez

iOS 8

Keeps crashing on both phone and iPad - give us a fix with an update!
—Guest Keatonunc

iPhone 4S

I've had my iPhone 4S for about a year now and since then it has been playing up and freezing and I will have to turn it off for it to stop. I love iPhones but it's annoying how it always plays up ............. And I've also got a iPad 2 and it recently just went all peculated and fluoro colours on the screen and couldn't do anything with it.
—Guest Harmony

Hanging after updating iOS 8.0.2

I had the trust in iPhone that it will not hang any time. But after updating iOS 8.0.2, I am facing this difficulty. It is hanging almost all the time. EG: If an incoming call is declined, then it is hanging and I need to restart the phone.
—Guest Ramesh C P

iPhone 5S gold

I bought iPhone 5S gold, then it have a battery problem. Then I buy another iPhone 5S gold 64 GB with warranty brand new. Then it have also a battery problem. Then I give it back to shopkeeper and they give me another iPhone, but now it have again the network problem. Please inform me now what can I do with this.
—Guest Hikmat hunar

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What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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