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Readers Respond: What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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Sure, lots of people like the iPhone a lot. But any iPhone user knows it's not perfect. Whether you've encountered bugs or if there are things about the design of the iPhone (or the people who love it) that frustrate or annoy you, share your iPhone complaints here. [Don't post requests for tech support here, as they won't be answered. Ask tech support questions in the forum.]

IMPORTANT: If your complaints are about iOS, 7 please add them to the iOS 7 Complaints page. This page is for general iPhone issues. If you post iOS 7 complaints here, I will delete them.

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Used less space but showing more

I have used about 4GB but it is showing 8-9GB. So what should I do now. I have iPhone 4S 16GB. [A 16GB phone won't have 16GB available to you. Some of the storage is taken up by the operating system, the built in apps, etc. -Sam]
—Guest Sambhav

Unwanted apps

I think that it's completely insane that after updating my phone I now have 4 more apps. These are things that I don't want and only take up space on my phone. I have 10 downloaded apps and 30 apps that i can't remove. This is supposed to be my phone, guess it's not. When other people dictate what's on my phone it makes me want to move to another product.
—Guest Veray

Please help

Please note I bought an iPhone 6 just few days back and that’s not working properly. I'm very disappointed with this kind of service. I have spent a big amount of my saving and I'm not satisfied. We would request you to please help and look into this. [Sorry, but this is not Apple. This is About.com, so I can't help. Good luck with your problems. -Sam]
—Guest Gaurav


iOS 8 is not compatible. I've upgraded iOS for my iPhone 5S and as soon as it was done, my phone to date is showing iCloud Drive upgrading. its been 48 hrs still … same
—Guest GM

iPhone 5 screens

Please fix and make your screens harder to break. I broke two in less than 3 weeks. They are too easy to break and too easy to scratch.
—Guest Don

iPhone 4 sucks

Faulty since the day I bought it. Speaker had issues with it. Got it replaced and just after warranty was over, the display just gone. The phone didn't fall or anything...it JUST WENT BLACK.
—Guest ak


iOS 8 is not compatible. I've upgraded iOS for my iPhone 5 and as soon as it was done, my phone got crashed. Wasn't the upgrade compatible? Have shown it in service center as well. They couldn't identify the reason but it has something related to iOS upgrade. Plz upgrade OS carefully.
—Guest M

iPhone 4S All Defective!!!!!!!

On my third iPhone 4S, problems, blinkouts for no reason. Online goes back to home screen. The numbers and letters won't punch all the time. The phone gets hot and burns my ear. The phone will randomly shut off even if charged. Battery only lasts a couple of hours, the wireless connection does not work. I have been on the telephone with Apple because I have Apple Care and they want me to get a fourth iPhone 4S really? I have been to the Apple Store over 300 miles from my home and they expect me to go back again? These phones are crap. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!
—Guest Grandma Tamie

iPhone 4S

I just had to replace my dumb phone and was sold a iPhone 4S, I hate it! I would rather have my old flip phone back. It worked just fine and they need to get back to basics.
—Guest Sandy

IPhone 5 battery

The battery on my IPhone 5 is absolutely horrible. It can be on 70% and still die and say that it needs charging. But then when I connect it, it says that it is at 70%. I am just over this and I want a refund
—Guest Karla

Buyer Beware

First, Apple told me their products are designed not to work if not charged regularly and that this was a common problem.. To further explain, he told me my iPod was irreparable and the newer products were specifically designed this way. After purchasing a new macbook online, I was informed that there was a hardware problem with the brand new product sent and that they could not return by phone. I would have to go to the Apple Store and get it fixed, but they did not have an appointment until August 12th. Then since I waited for an appointment, I would no longer be able to return the defective product as it had now hit the two-week mark. I logged into my iTunes accounts, only to find out that since I logged onto the old (not working) computer with it, all of my files and music were deleted from the two accounts. When everything was done, they transferred ALL of my purchases back to me, with the exception of songs that were “modified” by the artist. I got 1 Song out 1000s of files.
—Guest Lauren

iPhone 4S

I have had my iPhone 4S for a little over a year and the bluetooth would not work correctly so I assumed it was not compatible, but now my Wi-Fi connection will not work at all. Can anyone tell me how to fix it or get it fixed? [Try this: http://ipod.about.com/od/iPhoneHelp/fl/Wi-Fi-Grayed-Out-on-iPhone-Heres-How-To-Fix-It.htm -Sam]
—Guest Herb

iPhone advert

Hi. I would just like to state iPhones are the worst fones on the market plus the advert with showing the iPhone as a baby monitor with camera and that it can turn lights off in your home is b******* false advertising. Am gony make this goes through all the right channels you idiots. [Uh, the iPhone can indeed control lights and work with a baby monitor if you have the right accessories. I've done it. -Sam]
—Guest darren

Apple not all they're cracked up to be

Have had multiple charging issues with all iPhones in the house (3), now the charging port on one of the phones will not hold a charger cable long enough to hold the charge and Apple could care less! Wanted to charge me $270 to fix it!!!! Customer service rep was condescending jerk!!


Its crazy that if you BUY a ringtone from iTunes that you actually cannot use it on your phone??? Why is that???????? [That doesn't quite make sense. All ringtones sold on iTunes should work fine on your iPhone. -Sam]
—Guest Cathy

Share Your Complaints

What Are Your Apple iPhone Complaints?

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