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Readers Respond: Your iPod Battery Replacement Experiences

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From the article: iPod Battery Replacement
A long-lived iPod will almost inevitably need to have its battery replaced at some point. But you've got a lot of options: Apple can do it, you can hire a repair company, or you can do it yourself. If you've dealt with iPod battery replacement, share your experience here. Did you do it yourself and regret it? Did you pay a repair company too much? Help other readers learn from your experience. Share Your Experiences

Apple not being fair

Just got a new iPod 4g from my uncle in the U S. Having the believe that this iPod will collapes on the way one day. Can an expert in phones change the battery or is only Apple company?
—Guest Skar

You're an industrial engineer?

If you are an industrial engineer, I recommend you pull up a video on the iPhone aftermarket battery replacement. It is quite simple, and could be made idiot proof with no decrease in capacity or any effect on space constraints. Apple makes batteries non-replaceable to make the product expire and force the upgrade cycle.
—Guest Random Guy

Why, still no answer

I got my iPod touch 5th generation 32GB just over a year ago now and the battery is starting to get a little rubbish. What I don't understand is that you have to actually send the iPod to Apple and they will send you a new one back and sell your old one as refurbished. For like 70 quid and then adding the postage price as well, I think it's just cheaper to DIY. But only if you know how to do it. Which is annoying because I'm not experienced enough to do it.
—Guest Pickle

Still working with no battery life

Fortunately, I only use my 30gig photo iPod on the car adapter, so having about 5-seconds of battery life doesn't bother me. I would like to replace the battery since I seem to have a better unit than most. My kids and wife have owned several nanos and a old 20gig that didn't seem to last a year. After 6 or 7 years with this one, I am looking to replace the battery, finally!
—Guest John

Comments are off topic

I came here to find out if it was worth my while to take my 6 year old iPod Classic to Apple to see about their battery replacement policy and mostly what I got was people arguing and ranting over the ethics of Apple. Thanks to the three that stayed on topic.
—Guest Cate

Original (2001) iPod

I bought the very first iPod and used it constantly until a "new" version came out & bought that. A few years later my "original" iPod's battery finally went dead. Took it to Apple Store and they said it could not be replaced but, Apple (if they had one) would replace the whole unit. They did. Sent me an "Original," which I still have and have never used (still wrapped in factory plastic). I am thinking of selling it. Do you have any ideas?
—Guest Frank Bergquist

Well that was sudden

I've had my iPod for 6 years, after heavy use of it and I charged it everyday. For the last year or so, it stayed on my charger/speaker 80% of the time. I probably won't get a new battery because I have an iPhone now and I use that for music.
—Guest Some teenage girl

Just open it!

It's easy! I only have one good hand, the opening took me 15mins. Tip: Watch more than one video on opening. Don't be soft, get into it!
—Guest Dave

Definitely worth it

My 8+year-old iPod classic died. I got a replacement battery from Millilamp along with instructions. Cost me $27.00 incl. shipping. Hard to get case opened, but once done, battery easy to replace. Now my "old" iPod works great again. Would definitely recommend going for it if your battery is dead.
—Guest ChristineB

No longer an Apple fan!

Apple does make very good and durable products. Over the years I have owned 4 different iPods. The last two were the iTouch 2nd and then the iTouch 4th gen. All of these iPods have no-longer-working batteries. I'm currently using my iTouch 4th gen with an external battery pack. My iTouch 2nd gen never worked properly after I had sent it for a professional battery change out. The earphone jack which had worked prior to this servicing no longer works. I'm am currently considering upgrading to a device similar to the iPad Mini. The Nexus 7 which rivals the iPad Mini in performance has a battery that can be more easily replaced be the consumer. The battery is plugged, not soldered to the circuit board. The Nexus 7 2nd gen is expected to be released this summer 2013. If this unit sports a rear facing camera, then I'm buying it. Apple can keep their glued units and soldered batteries for another fool. I finally woke up! [Does the company that replaced the battery on your touch offer a warranty? It sounds like they might have damaged it during the battery replacement. -Sam]
—Guest John

planned obsolescence

I'm becoming weary of Apple's planned obsolescence, proprietary closed architecture business model. I used to use Sony products and stopped buying them for the same reason.
—Guest philowerx

Actually yes

Uhh, I have opened these $300 cases and replaced these batteries with $5 batteries. They are the same tiny phoenix/molex/ who knows 3-pin connector also found in some cordless phone battery. SO YES, put a battery cover with some screws on the back. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot with too much money. What other battery-driven device treats its user like this?
—Guest A regular person

Not long enough

My battery only lasted me 16 months with what I'd say is medium use. >.
—Guest Caleb

actually no, you are wrong

nice try. however, you do not mention the small fact that the devices can not be turned off. they can only be put into "sleep" mode. which in case you missed it, is not a small fact.
—Guest wally

I'm the kind of guy who'd rather fix it

Help me please. I'm no good at fixing things. The battery on my iPod 6th gen classic 80GB died and I went on eBay and bought a new battery and tools. Tried to fix it and I broke the little prongs holding the bottom right connector in place. I take it this means I need a whole new motherboard? Would it be worth it for me to send it in to you guys to fix? I could just as easily buy a refurbished one for $150, but I'm the kind of guy who'd rather fix this and maybe give it away someday.
—Guest fnQkfIaJtRN

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Your iPod Battery Replacement Experiences

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