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Readers Respond: Developers: Should Users Pay for Using iPhone Apps on Multiple Devices?

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On desktop operating systems, users often have to pay for each copy of a program they install (i.e., installing a program on a laptop and a desktop requires buying the program twice). Not so on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. On those devices, users buy the app once and install it wherever they want.

App developers, I'd like to hear from you on this one. Is this fair or should users have to pay for each device on which they install yours apps?


No, look at how expensive it is. And the Android gets everything free.
—Guest Julia

Yes and no

No for home users. Yes for business where they may be installing the app on hundreds of devices.
—Guest oodboo


Almost all software I've ever used (lots) will allow you to install it on multiple clients/computers/locations, given that you do not use more than one copy at the same time. Some have limits of 5 installs or activations, which should cover for the vast majority of people. Even enterprise software is usually tied to user accounts rather than copies as well.
—Guest bob

I'm so glad we DON'T have to!

I'm getting my first iPhone tomorrow and so excited to know the app I *accidentally* downloaded onto iTunes (Hanging with Friends) I can put on my phone now for free. (I had a stupid moment and didn't know it wouldn't play on iTunes. LOL! Can you tell I'm new to Apple?)
—Guest Angie in Ohio

I have installous

I use installous and I can get any app I want and not pay a dime to Apple.
—Guest Mickey


Leave it the way it is. It's quotes like these -- "yes, I think users should have pay for each app that is downloaded to another device" -- doing this will just drive users to get it elsewhere and more than likely a cracked version, then that way the dev is screwed out of a purchase.
—Guest Nick

Is there a limit?

I've noticed that you don't have to buy a copy more than once, and I think that's a good idea. It seems like Apple tracks it through your account - so I don't expect that there will be the kind of rules like Microsoft. I do expect that there is some kind of limit like with songs from iTunes which has a limit of 5 at a time - you could switch if you want

User license...per device marketing.

Enterprise solutions purchasing requires thousands in upfront costs for open enterprise licensure. per-user licenses make software applications accessible to individuals. I can't see the SmartPhone Software development market going "friends&family." We aren't sharing minutes.


Yes, I think users should have to pay for an app that is downloaded on each device. otherwise, what is stopping a family from getting one iTunes account and downloading apps onto 5 different devices? Even with other software, you are limited with how many devices you can use it on, or you have to pay more for. why should developers get screwed?
—Guest guest

Similar to existing licenses

Numerous other commercial software is licensed the same way actually. Buy it once an use it in as many of your devices as you wish as long as they are your devices and you aren't giving it out to your friends.
—Guest Eli

should iphone and upod users have to pay

hell no we all ready bought it once so why should we have to buy it twice that would very stupid if you had to and i would get a refund and stop using itunes
—Guest random
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