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Readers Respond: How Do You Extend the iPhone's Battery Life?

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Getting the longest possible life out of an iPhone's battery isn't easy - it requires tricks and smart use of the phone. You've just read 22 tips for extending the iPhone's battery, but there are likely countless others. Help other iPhone owners by sharing your battery-extending tips and tricks here. What works for you?

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Close running apps

Double click home screen button and swipe to close any open apps that you are no longer using [This isn't a way to save battery, in fact: http://lifehacker.com/quitting-apps-in-ios-actually-worsens-battery-life-1560086834 -Sam]
—Guest Abc

#1 Tip

Get an Android Phone and be years ahead of all these sheepl on here
—Guest iPhoneFanBoy

Turning off my iPhone

to save battery doesn't work any more. It's draining batter while it is off!! I turn off Wi-Fi unless I need it, and don't really use all the cool apps. When it is off it should not be using battery, right?
—Guest DC


All those saying to kill the apps in your recently used list, read this.... speirs.org/blog/2012/1/2/misconceptions-about-ios-multitasking.html ...iPhone/iOS is way smarter than you give it credit for. None of those apps are killing battery unnecessarily.
—Guest tk

You forgot the most important tip!

Press your home button twice quickly to see all the apps you have running. Press one of them gently until the delete icon appears in the upper left corner of each. Press the delete icon to turn them all off. There's no need to have them all open, and this really drains your battery life! [This is a widely held belief, but it's actually wrong. Read this to find out why: http://speirs.org/blog/2012/1/2/misconceptions-about-ios-multitasking.html -- Sam]
—Guest CB


Make sure to close those apps you aren't using. They will sap battery life just being open.
—Guest Flyawayy2j

Jailbreakers - put device into safe mode

Safe mode disables all mobilesubstrate extensions (sbsettings, iconoclasm, activator, 5-icon dock, etc) that you enabled through Cydia. It greatly increases battery life if you are traveling or need to save battery.
—Guest Greg

iPhone 4S

4S doesn't support 3G on-off feature... =/ This is how Apple can produce better iPhones? iPhone 5 will support 3G on-off, but no ringtone?
—Guest cagil

Thank You

I'm always looking for ways to conserve my iPhone battery life...thanks so much for the info!!! Keep up the good work!!
—Guest Happy Reader

Wi-fi off saves more battery life

Wi-fi off saves more battery than it on, thank you very much.
—Guest Kristina

Great tips

Thanks a lot, great tips. Significantly help. Brightness is key. I keep mine all the way down unless watching video/playing games.
—Guest Bill

Don't lick your phone or it'll lick you

Battery boost magic is really helpful to organize a battery plan that doesn't drain power and that meets all your entertainment needs. Another thing is to avoid games--you can get 4 hours of 2D and 3 hours of 3D games on a full charge if you're a gamer. Then may I suggest buying a few TV shows that use a lot less power and are still very entertaining.
—Guest I have squirrel aids

100% battery conservation tip.

Give battery a full charge. Turn off the phone and don't use it. In a week or two, recharge.
—Guest writefish

Tips for battery

Really the information are very informative and usefull.
—Guest Sundar


Try these tips. Always remind me to turn back on my bluetooth
—Guest Ronnie

Happy Battery Happy Life!

I kept hearing a few of these tips - but these twelve are awesome. If you can get 25% more life from these - and I do - that makes all the difference in the world. Well written, clear instructions, definitive results... Thanks!
—Guest Gareth

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