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Readers Respond: How Do You Extend the iPhone's Battery Life

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Getting the longest possible life out of an iPhone's battery isn't easy - it requires tricks and smart use of the phone. You've just read 12 tips for extending the iPhone's battery, but there are likely countless others. Help other iPhone owners by sharing your battery-extending tips and tricks here. What works for you? Share Your Tips

#1 Tip

Get an Android Phone and be years ahead of all these sheepl on here
—Guest iPhoneFanBoy

Turning off my iPhone

to save battery doesn't work any more. It's draining batter while it is off!! I turn off Wi-Fi unless I need it, and don't really use all the cool apps. When it is off it should not be using battery, right?
—Guest DC

Why not use the pro apps for iPhone?

Maybe it is useful to close some functions, but is discommodiousness. Do you think about some app for the iPhone? For example, "battery doctor" or "powerguard"?

Turn off camera upload

I found that turning off automatic camera uploads to Dropbox and other services like that saves battery life, too. I'm going to see if there are other auto-uploads like that to turn off except when I need them.
—Guest Caroline

Conserving battery life

Turn brightness down, turn off your phone when you know you're not going to use it, make sure all apps are off, and limit the amount of times you check your phone for the time.
—Guest sophia

Battery Life of 2 days?

I barely get a day from my brand new iPhone 5S and I am not an intense user. I've now done the things on this list that make sense (seriously? Disable 3G??). Is there something wrong with my phone? It was at 100% 4 hours ago and is now at 41%. Thanks for the tips. Interesting on the double click home and then press power button. What's up with that?
—Guest Verena

How do you extend iPhone battery life

Give if a full charge. Stick it on the shelf. Buy an Android phone and use that day to day. Battery life for your iPhone has now been extended by another 3 hours before it drains itself for being idle.
—Guest Jack Frost

The Most Useful Tip !

Turn your phone off , and dont use it .. Just keep looking at him ! ^*
—Guest Bad kid


Agree with other readers that the advice is not helpful. If you switch off all the advantages of an iPhone you'll save battery life. [Again, the advice is not to switch off every possible feature. It's to show you that these are all of your options. Choose the ones that make sense for how you use your phone. -Sam]

Increase battery life, Apple

What with technology nowadays, can't Apple just work on extending the battery life?! 2014, I thought this would've been sorted out by now!
—Guest Wayne Wonker

iPhone 4S crashes after trying these

There's an old saying, it goes "If it aint broke, don't fix it." I was enjoying my phone all day and for weeks, but always felt I could do better on battery life. I am currently testing my online radio station's stream so my iPhone is my little 24/7 tool. I tried the first page of settings !bam! my phone immediately started into a loop of sticking and when I restart, it doesn't work. So it's now stuck from on to off to freeze. I am sorry I tried these; no fault of the author. I'd give some advice to the avid user, charge your phone as much as you have to, buy an extra charger even. Someone said here that Apple needs to fix this and I agree. We spend hundreds for the industry's most popular and successful devices and we get squat for what we invest. I love my iPhone and my iPad but having to try risky things to squeeze some extra power and juice for our usage isn't worth it as we are not able to enjoy the offerings to maximum without so much sacrifice. Thanks.
—Guest Edward

Seriously, retarded?

So basically turn off your iPhone. That's what you've just said. You know how I'm going to extend my battery life? I'm going to buy a battery pack phone case. Turn off Wi-Fi? Turn off 3G/4G? Are you serious? [Or you could just use the suggestions that match the way you use your phone. Rather than thinking you need to do everything on the list--which isn't the point--just do the things that won't affect how you use your phone that much. That's not hard, is it? -Sam]
—Guest Are you retarded


They more important one that you left out is making sure you shut down apps that you are not using, like shutting off multitasking. A lot of people that are new to the iPhone forget to do that and it really kills battery and eats up data. Hope it helps people that are new to iPhone. [This is a widely held belief, but it's actually wrong. Read this to find out why: http://speirs.org/blog/2012/1/2/misconceptions-about-ios-multitasking.html -- Sam]
—Guest Kiko


On some websites I've seen mentioned that turning on autoadjust for brightness is harder on battery life. I agree with this because you normally don't need the adjustments, and often these adjustments are wrong anyhow. Manually adjusting the brightness is better.
—Guest Rob

Off, Not Sleep

If you know you won't be using your iPhone for awhile, turn it off by holding down the power button instead of just putting it to sleep.
—Guest AllieMarieT

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How Do You Extend the iPhone's Battery Life

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