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Readers Respond: Your Reason for Switching iPhone to Verizon from AT&T

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Fans of the iPhone have been waiting for years for it to debut on the Verizon network. Some people prefer Verizon, others just hate AT&T. Now that the Verizon iPhone is here, if you've switched or plan to switch, tell us your reasons.

AT&T loses customers at "service"

Customer disservice is more like it. Although Verizon is not the greatest when it comes to service, they are miles ahead of AT&T in that department. Cannot get a straight answer...get placed on hold for over 2 hours and charged overages on minutes...a huge runaround without resolving anything most of the time. Hidden practices regarding slowing down data that are now coming to light, and not responding to your call as they rank customers based on the number of times you have called with an issue. So if you have had questions or several calls to them, you are lower on the list and get treated like dirt.
—Guest Ceba

Limited bandwidth on top 5 percent!?

AT&T has limited my bandwidth for being in the top 5 percent of data users. I have the unlimited data plan and the reason I signed up with AT&T was because they were the first company to offer the iPhone many years ago. I pay $120/month for unlimited data and texting. This is how you treat your loyal clients? After my contract expires, I'm signing on with Verizon or Sprint solely based on principle! Not to mention, the phone service is nothing to write home about.
—Guest jay


While Sprint does not advertise for it, their phones do allow surfing while talking. And I have used this feature for years. [This is possible for a phone connected to Wi-Fi, but not for an iPhone using 3G or both due to the limitations of the CDMA network standard. - Sam]
—Guest jay

Does it REALLY matter?

I had my share of all of the carriers; each have their quirks. Verizon has better reception in populated places i.e.; Boston, LA, NYC, etc. AT&T has a better span of their 3G service but however there are more people using there services all at once so it gets spotty. All of the carriers offer great packages for all sorts, they all range in nearly the same prices. To be honest, I'd rather stick to one company in the long run--it'll benefit you more. Plus, I hate the way Verizon handles upgrades. If they allowed people to make early updates then I'd reconsider. Yes, I probably sound biased towards Verizon but I dislike cellular carrier companies in general. It's stupid to spark wars over them, not to mention phones.
—Guest Tipping

AT&T over VZ

The AT&T version is equipped to make calls when you are overseas. I don't believe the VZ one can do that.

Verizon over AT&T

I originally wanted to get the iPhone for Verizon simply because of its unlimited data. But at the time I was told it was only being sold to existing customers! So I went with AT&T seeing as my current phone at the time was almost out of its contract. The service was great! I had no problems with the phone itself like others were having. The only problem I was having was with its data. The 1st mon. I went over my 2gb limit an had to pay a $10 fee for an extra 1gb. The next month I barely used the web, but it was only 14 days into my cycle & I was already used 65% of my data. So I knew right away what I had to do. I simply switched to Verizon. I just have to pay at&t $315 for early term. Fee+ $140 for the months bill. It was well worth switching to Verizon!!
—Guest Juan

customer service

With working with both carriers, I believe the quality service is the same, the scenarios are just different, have spoken to customers that left AT&T for Verizon but then are wanting to port back asap... why don't know ... I know that most times AT&T takes the extra mile to meet the customers needs !! the customer is also right though, but AT&T must be doing something right to have all the customers that it has! plus they have rollover mins, which is always a plus*
—Guest okay

Veriz. "better customer service" hype

I wouldn't put too much stock in the supposed differences in CS quality between V and AT&T. I hear complaints daily about both, from rude and derogatory responses to questions to mystery charges on bills that can't be explained, yet requests to remove are bluntly denied.

Not Switching...but...

The folks at the ATT stores are fabulous but when I get on-line to talk it is like a three ring circus. I think ATT could come down in their prices, maybe give free texting along with the data plan. I feel nickel and dimed to death.

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