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Readers Respond: Your Reason for Switching iPhone to Verizon from AT&T

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Fans of the iPhone have been waiting for years for it to debut on the Verizon network. Some people prefer Verizon, others just hate AT&T. Now that the Verizon iPhone is here, if you've switched or plan to switch, tell us your reasons. Share Your Reasons

Poor Verizon customer service

Poor Verizon customer service in store. Waiting for an hour and half when they said 45 minutes.
—Guest Tam

Held hostage by AT&T ETF

I use AT&T service. When I moved to a more isolated area, I was no longer able to receive or make calls at work and service at home is very iffy. This is scary for someone living in a remote area who has family. I am under contract and can't afford the terminaton fee. So I will pay for unusable phone service for 2 years. This seems unethical. I imagine they all are the same, though. But if I had service, I wouldn't want to switch. They said I could buy a $200 booster to help my service, but it has to be hooked up to your computer. I can't hook one up to my work computer and don't have one at home. Plus that is $400 instead of the contract buyout, which is less. No winning here. Trapped in limbo.
—Guest ME

AT&T why I hate them

Everything I despise in a company. Would love to see this country [company? -Sam] go bankrupt.
—Guest cleo

Switch to AT&T

Verizon stopped offering unlimited data plan for new iPhone. AT&T better customer service at their Corporate Store where I live.
—Guest Tony Montana

no free iPhones

There is no such thing as a "free" iPhone. You pay for the phone over time in monthly payments. Don't be ignorant. It's often less expensive to pay the price rather than the payment.
—Guest Blabby

iPhone 4S Verizon

I decided to get an iPhone 4S with Verizon after losing a prepaid Verizon phone. Verizon customer for years since they were Cellular One. First of all, they would not let me keep my number from lost phone. Two, they said I had between 15-30 day to try out new phone and also a jetpack. I was told 2G was most common plan and I should not need more.
—Guest glenda1858

Scared to switch from US CELLULAR

After reading all the horror stories here, I am afraid to death to switch from US Cellular. I love their service and their plans, but I really want an iPhone now after all the hype.
—Guest Paul

Go to Walmart!

We own 2 iPhones. The newest iPhone 5 is AT&T, chosen because it is GSM. We live in Mexico, and in two years we will be able to go with local Telmex. In the meantime, we stay in Airplane mode and use the Magic Jack app to make our needed calls to the States. We have a cheap local phone (very cheap!) for local calls. We eat the $90 minimum AT&T charge monthly ... (not being in the U.S., it doesn't do us any good ...only on our few trips to the U.S.). Our other phone is an older Verizon iPhone 4. It, too, can make Magic Jack calls from Wi-Fi spots here in Puerto Peñasco. But, because it is CDMA, there can be no conversion to Telmex. If I were to do it all over again, I would buy a Walmart CDMA phone full price on a credit card. It is FAR cheaper than any major phone company plan in the long run. And I could switch cards in Mexico later. Just sayin'.

Failed to mention data speeds

This article is a couple years old, but I was surprised it failed to mention 3G data speeds. AT&T (and T-Mobile) use GSM, which offers '3G' speeds in the 3-7 Mbps range. With an iPhone 4S, it gets even better and you can do twice that. Verizon and Sprint's 3G networks are based on CDMA, and have a max speed of only 2.5 Mbps, so it's a pretty significant decrease. Of course coverage and load will influence performance, but generally speaking, AT&T is faster when it comes to 3G. Now, if we're talking about LTE networks, the tables turn and Verizon's network is clearly larger and faster than AT&T's. I've seen Verizon iPhone users getting 45 Mbps, which is amazing. AT&T's LTE network is smaller and tends to be 10-25 Mbps, even with a perfect signal.

Very Confusing Choice

I've had AT&T, and I have Verizon. There are a lot of admirable qualities to both carriers. Honestly, I think both's customer service have their pitfalls, but I do have to say that I have almost always experienced far longer hold times with AT&T. I like AT&T 3G, but I live in an area with Verizon 4G now. And, I even get Verizon 4G on the majority of my long road trips, when I would normally have no AT&T coverage at all. My plan with AT&T was a little cheaper, but I'd still choose Verizon if asked to choose. But then again, this is my experience, and others' may differ.
—Guest JK

iPhone 5

I think if T-Mobile would not offer iPhone 5, it would hurt them in the long run. I really like their services and have been with them for over 11 years and still waiting patiently for the iPhone 5. I will definitely be switching to AT&T by 2014 for sure if T-Mobile don't have the iPhone 5 by then.
—Guest Kantivut Charoenwong

Staying w/AT&T

There are two reasons I'm sticking with the evil empire, though I'd certainly switch if I could find a better option. First, I need the ability to search and to map while I'm talking on the phone with clients, a very important feature for me. And 2nd, my current plan will stay in place. Regarding Verizon customer service, I've never used their wireless CS, but during my landline days, I switched to them twice because of pricing deals and then, because of their horrendous CS, I ran screaming back to AT&T, which at the time had excellent service. Whether the good service has carried over to their wireless department I don't know as I personally have not needed/experienced it and though I've heard the myriad complaints. I'll take my chances. Looking forward to switching up from my 3GS!

Trapped with AT&T

Well not really. It just costs to switch. But we have been with AT&T since Cingular and when buying new stuff from AT&T they are awesome, but if you need to return something, that's where it gets tricky. Unclear return policies (be aware when you purchase anything...ask). After years with AT&T (and the latest conflict and not being able to talk to my local store manager because "all managers are on vacation"), I am ready to at least try another provider (logically Verizon, I think). When will these big companies start treating existing customers like new ones. I agree with someone above that I would like to stick with one company, but they don't make it easy!!!
—Guest Bob

AT&T loses customers at "service"

Customer disservice is more like it. Although Verizon is not the greatest when it comes to service, they are miles ahead of AT&T in that department. Cannot get a straight answer...get placed on hold for over 2 hours and charged overages on minutes...a huge runaround without resolving anything most of the time. Hidden practices regarding slowing down data that are now coming to light, and not responding to your call as they rank customers based on the number of times you have called with an issue. So if you have had questions or several calls to them, you are lower on the list and get treated like dirt.
—Guest Ceba

Limited bandwidth on top 5 percent!?

AT&T has limited my bandwidth for being in the top 5 percent of data users. I have the unlimited data plan and the reason I signed up with AT&T was because they were the first company to offer the iPhone many years ago. I pay $120/month for unlimited data and texting. This is how you treat your loyal clients? After my contract expires, I'm signing on with Verizon or Sprint solely based on principle! Not to mention, the phone service is nothing to write home about.
—Guest jay

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Your Reason for Switching iPhone to Verizon from AT&T

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