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Readers Respond: How Do You Fix a Wet iPod or iPhone?

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If you're looking for tips about how to fix a wet iPhone or iPod, click the link above this paragraph for a few suggestions.

If your iPod or iPhone has gotten wet and you've done something about it, what worked for you in fixing it? What didn't work? This isn't a place to ask for help; instead use post here if you can share your experiences and help others save their devices.

If your wet device has dried, you may want to check out these articles for fixing common software problems:

Otherwise, read on:

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Oops forgot a few details

It was in the snow for 3 months and the snow melted and froze quite a few times. I really would like info on how to get it to work again, PLEASE!!!
—Guest Twila

Help me

Well, I was riding my horse and listening to music and the song stopped, so while I was waiting for the next song it must have fallen. I just found it and dried it out and put it in a rice bag. It turns on now, but keeps force-closing then turning black and then off every few seconds. Does anyone know how I can possibly get it to stop doing that?
—Guest Twila

Lil soccer

So my girlfriend's cousin wanted to play some soccer but the back of the school was really wet and she was like I don't care. And I was like okay. So we played and I fell. While my phone was in my pocket. And I guess the wetness soaked into my pocket and into my phone. I didn't realize until about 3 hours later. My cousin took it to his house. Dried it with a hairdryer and still didn't work. Soooo when I got home, I finally put it in rice. It was about 5 hours after the accident. And I left it overnight. I came down to see if it worked in the morning and the screen still looks the same. IDK what else to do. Just everybody: Keep my phone in your prayers. Cuz my problem is I became too attached to my phone. And I'm going crazy... Thanks for reading. I know it's long.
—Guest Obama

Lake Perris

I accidentally put my iPod 5 in the lake while it was in my pocket, then I went to the water. I forgot it 'cause when we left it was super hot and I forgot my iPod was in my pocket. I took it out and it was still working. Then after 10 min I tried to see if it still worked, then but it wouldn't turn on. The iPod is in a bag of rice right now and don't know how long I'm supposed to wait. HELP!!!
—Guest Someone

Oh Is It Going To Survive?

I was filming a funny film with my bro (8) and I was standing in front of the toilet and my bro wacked my arm and my iPod went flying into the toilet. I think I'm lucky cuz my toilet hole's so small it landed half in/half out. It still works now, but does anyone know if it effects the charger or headphone socket (because thats the side it went in) and would it work later? Also mum thinks the rice idea is stupid and there's going to be rice stuck in the charger, etc. So all I could do is leave it on the window sill for the sun to dry it. Oh I'm so scareeddd plz help :/
—Guest Amy


I was gonna wash my hands, so I decided to put it on top of the toilet (the toilet is black). So I set the iPod 4 on top of the toilet and I was washing my hands and the iPod fell in the toilet. So I put it in rice, but idk else what to do.
—Guest anon


Dropped nano in water while running. . .it stopped and will not turn on again. . .is there any help?
—Guest FRED

Help meee

My wife was washing clothes and I forgot that I left my iPod inside my sweat pants. Then I started to look for it and I checked my pocket and there it was, nothing working.
—Guest seriously


I was about to use the bathroom when I closed the stall door (I'm at school, 2nd bell) and it falls out of my back pocket and I hear a plop... I immediately turn around and fish it out (clean water, but still a gross school bathroom). I dried it off immediately with my sweatshirt then put it under the hand dryer for a bit. I kept using it b/c I wasn't aware you were supposed to turn it off. Now it says my headphones are in and the sound won't work unless I have headphones in. AGHH! please help
—Guest Alia

HELP ME!!!!!

I dropped my phone in a creak and didn't find it for 2-3 days. It had a Lifeproof case on it. I put it in rice for 2 days and now it worn't work unless it's plugged in. What do I do??????
—Guest china

Hot tub

I dropped my iPhone in the hot tub, and it won't turn on. I put it in rice but that didn't work. However, I did turn it on right after and try charging it. And I found out you shouldn't do that. Please help me out by emailing me!!!
—Guest Ashley

Soapy water behind the iPhone screen

It's been in brown rice for 24 hrs but there's still soapy dish water, as it was found in my hot dish water. Now screen still has soapy water in it. Is there anything else I can try?
—Guest Gloria

Rest in pee iPhone 4S?

Hahaa.. I was about to go bathroom when my I phone fell out of my pocket into clean toilet water. I wasn't fast to react, took me about 5 mins before I could get the rice and now it's been in for a couple of hours and it's not working. Any tips? It's like my little baby, I'm lost without it. I have it in a bowl of rice and I took out the SIM card holder so it could let water out that end. I was slow reacting because I thought it wouldn't get wet inside... I was so wrong :(
—Guest Nikki

Got soaked in milk

So I had my iPhone 4 in my jacket pocket and got soaked in milk (long story) for several minutes before I realized the bottle was opened and then I couldn't get around the bottle to get to my phone. So, long story short, submerged in milk for about 6-8 minutes and now after soaking it in rice for two weeks everything except the screen works. A few minutes ago I faintly saw the screen while taking an aimless un-see-able pic and now I can't see it. Another problem, it's been so long I forgot my password.
—Guest addi


My 11-year-old sister, my mum, my brother and I were at the pool. Lily wrapped her iPod 4th gen in a towel to protect it from the light rain. Then, just when it was time to leave, Mum picked up the towel (not knowing that Lily's iPod was in it) and the iPod flung out and it dropped into the pool. It sunk to the bottom so it was in the water for at least 7 seconds. When she dived in and got it out of the water, she turned it off immediately. Lily is really sad now because all of her photos were on it. Please help ........!
—Guest Jasmine

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How Do You Fix a Wet iPod or iPhone?

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