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Readers Respond: How Have You Fixed a Wet iPod or iPhone?

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If you're looking for tips about how to fix a wet iPhone or iPod, click the link above this paragraph for a few suggestions.

If your iPod or iPhone has gotten wet and you've done something about it, what worked for you in fixing it? What didn't work? This isn't a place to ask for help; instead use post here if you can share your experiences and help others save their devices.

If your wet device has dried, you may want to check out these articles for fixing common software problems:

Otherwise, read on:

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I was cleaning my glasses with my cleaning liquid and it went in by accident. I tried using it but I noticed things acted funny. None of the left or right side of my iPod was working. I don't know what to do. HELP ME. It's not water, it's a cleaning liquid. I don't know if it will ever go away. I need help.
—Guest Benzo

I'm an idiot

I was at my friend's house with my phone in the pocket of my swimsuit when I jumped in the pool. It was about 5-8 minutes before I realized my phone was in my pocket. So I dried my phone off and the screen was black, but it was 30 minutes before I got home. Then I put my iPhone in rice and put it on the windowsill. Is my phone gonna die? Plz help
—Guest Mad

iPhone 4

I went in the ocean with my phone rolled up in a shirt (don't ask) in my pocket. I was in for a minute, then I almost had a heart attack realizing it was in there. I've been blow drying it on low heat for an hour or so.
—Guest Jake

Rice method

* Put a bowl full of rice on your table * Put the device in the rice * Let your device dry in the rice

How to fix wet iPod

—Guest Da stupid one

iPod fell in water

I was jumping on my bed and forgot my iPod was there and it fell into a cup next to the bed. I grabbed it after it had been in there for 4 secs. It worked ok untill 1 day later. I can hear the charging sounds but the screen won't turn on!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
—Guest LimeArrow

Swimming. wet iPod 5

I went swimming and I kinda forgot to take my iPod 5 out......... it was like 5 mins underwater. Plz help
—Guest Daniel

Don't know what to do

The sound of my iPod touch is weird. My mom thought that it was because it was wet but I never saw when or how. What could I do if my iPod is wet for more than 3-4 days, maybe 5??? Pleaaase help!!!!
—Guest Meyo

Left in the rain

Please help. I left my iPhone out in the rain and the charge is out, however the flashlight is on. I have put it in a bowl of rice for a good 48 hrs.
—Guest One direction

Here to help

If it's wet or the screen froze, put it in a zip lock bag with rice and put it in the freezer. Dropped mine in a puddle, the screen was frozen, did this and worked as good as new.
—Guest The wolf


My iPod 5 was in my back pocket and when I pulled my pants down it fell out into the toilet. I put it in rice and works perfectly fine, except it has problems charging and it keeps saying there's headphones in, which means I have no sound. I think there is rice stuck in there. What should I do? :(
—Guest Bianca


I was just chilling in my living room watching TV & I guess I've been getting too comfortable with putting my iPod in the cup holder. I went to get up & left my iPod where I usually do but sadly there was a nice big cup of coke underneath. My iPod works okay now, just the home button won't work. I have assistive touch on, so I guess everything is fine. I just want to know if things will get worse?
—Guest Ally

iPhone disaster

I dropped my iPhone in the toliet and I didn't notice till the next morning. Sadface. And I put it in rice for 2 days!!! What do I do??
—Guest willa


So yesterday my iPod 5th generation was in my crop top and it fell through 'cause it's so thin and it landed in the toilet. I got it out straight away and turned it on to see if it was working and it was, so I thought that was a good sign, but I still put it in rice. It came on again. Then the next day, I turned it on and it had a black screen every time I turned it on. I tried restarting it by holding the lock screen and home button, but now it doesn't turn on at all. So I pluged it in but it still isn't working. Please help...
—Guest the retard


I am freaking out! I spilled a few drops of water onto my iPad. I didn't think it was such a big deal. I just wiped them off and continued using my iPad. Suddenly, whenever I touched the screen, it didn't work and the screen got all crazy moving around by itself. Then it suddenly died on 14%. I charged it, still unaware that the device was damaged from the water. It turned back on and the screen started to move by itself again. Then I suddenly realized that the water I spilled on it must have damaged the iPad somehow. I'm still freaking out and I don't have a warranty. Not sure what to do. Help please! Will Apple help me? I'm planning to visit the nearest store tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully even though I don't have warranty they will help. It is dried and I didn't do anything with rice to it.
—Guest hello

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How Have You Fixed a Wet iPod or iPhone?

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