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Readers Respond: What Is the Best iPhone Carrier?

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There are many choices for companies that offer the iPhone, but which is the best? Do you prefer Verizon or AT&T? How about O2 or Orange or Rogers? Share your opinion and reasoning here to help others make good choices.

Verizon has the worst customer service

I updated an iPhone 5S. The screen went black. Verizon sent a new phone. It was damaged. All sorts of lines through the phone. They sent another one. OK. I sent both damaged phones back in May separate boxes, etc. They added 649.00 to my bill and can't take it off because the warehouse received the device but "it' s not in the system" yet!!!! I have used Verizon for a long time and I am through with them. I'm changing all 4 of my phones over to AT&T. I have called Verizon about 20 times in the past 2 months and each person gives me a different story.

From a technical point of view

Verizon and Sprint share the limitation that Internet doesn't work when you have a voice call up. This means you cannot check your email and tell your caller if you got it, without calling back. It defeats the point of the smartphone. Sprint started out with the strongest signal in my house, but things have gotten worse since then. We have had flaky cell towers for months and Sprint told me it was because they were installing LTE. Well, months later, service is still spotty, and no LTE at all. They have a solution that would fix my connectivity trouble, but they won't let me have it. When I get a chance to exit Sprint (sometime next year), they will be out of here. Most likely I will go back to AT&T. Also as much as I like the Apple iPhone, I might check out the competition. So Sprint and Verizon are out for technical reasons, and I will take AT&T over T-Mobile, so AT&T it will probably be. In any case it will be traumatic.

TracFone customer service is terrible

A TracFone contract is inexpensive, but the Samsung version is poor quality. I had so many issues that required calling customer service. Tracfone customer service is in India. The young people are so poorly trained, plus the language issues made me cancel my contract. No bargain with Tracfone/Samsung!!!!! Now I have to start over--new phone & new contract!!!!
—Guest Amy


T-Mobile is the best family plan I ever had and the best carrier of my life. It loads data fast and does so many things I can't name. Pick T-Mobile.
—Guest Konner

Consumer Cellular not best

Consumer Cell does not work if you live in the mountains. We had US Cellular but their prices went thru the roof, so AARP members were switched to CC. Cheap yes, but doesn't work in the house AT ALL, and only works outside if you face EAST, do not move or you lose service. We live in the mountains of NH. They should tell you before you go thru all the bull to switch that you won't have service if you live in the mountains. So now we have to switch back. Consumer Cell told me I would just need to stand outside to use the phone!!!!!?????
—Guest Lorri Tremblay


So I've not had problems with T-mobile. The speed ain't bad; it's 75% good. Plus 16GB iPhone 5S is free, 32GB is $100. That's wow. 64GB is $200. For most services, it's 16GB for $200. So I recommend T-mobile, plus $40 per month.
—Guest tmobile


AT&T won, but barely. I think all companies are same--some have good advantages and some don't.
—Guest Danny

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