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Readers Respond: What's the Best Free iPhone Music App?

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The iPhone was born to rock, of course, but not just with music you already know. Thanks to the many iPhone music apps, you can enjoy thousands of songs you've never heard before. We've made our list, but what is your favorite iPhone music app? (Strictly promotional submissions by developers or their PR agents won't be published. Let's hear from actual users.) Tell Us Your Favorite

Spotify :) and MP3 Music Paradise :)

Although you can't download the music to your iPhone, it's *amazing* until you lose service... lol. So whoever uses this I'm happy for ya! Now the MP3 Music Paradise, you can download songs to your iPhone, iPod, Samsung Tablet, or iPad and iPad Mini, but it depends on which update you have or which IOS you have, but it works great!
—Guest scwbbb


Personaly i like iHeartradio the best. They have all sorts of radios to choose from and even a 24/7 Beatles station. Plus i can listen to my favorite radio stations anywhere.
—Guest Minecraftobssed99

Fav radio

The best I ever used. It also has the Progressive channel, available nowhere else! Tune-in radio
—Guest Cantab

Music Down

It is an amazing free music app. You can download as many songs as you'd like. Could use a few improvements, but so far it is the best to me!:)
—Guest Alexandra


I think iTube is a really great iPhone app for music. Been using it for a bit now, and it serves all my needs.
—Guest Corinna


Simply amazing ;).................................................................................................................................
—Guest HenryDaBest

Music Queue Player App

I am a big fan of Music Queue Player. It uses the same layout as the Apple Music app (so it's super easy to use) but the guy has enhanced the interface and let you create queues, all for free! Definitely recommend it. For me, it's fixed what was missing in the Music app.
—Guest Martin B.

Ringtone Star, before iOS 7

Ringtone Star was a great app for downloading music, but now that the iOS 7 has came out, it's totally different. The quaity is great and it lets you download music videos fron the Internet and saves them to your iphone. If you haven't upgraded to the iOS 7 yet I would highly recomend it, the only problem is it only works on iPhones.
—Guest Vern

Music apps

I am an American living in Quebec. Pandora is not available here. Really miss it.
—Guest Zeldasue


Lets you listen to free music (you can make playlists, search for music) for a 15 day free trial. :)
—Guest Izzy


8tracks is an amazing app, and it's free. You can listen to playlists by putting in what mood you're in, or artists you like. It's a lot better than radio apps because people acually make the mix'a rather than being put together by a computer. It's the best app.
—Guest Molly

Free Music

Listn. You're able to listen and share your friends' music :)
—Guest Mike


While you have to pay a subscription, it's cheaper than Rdio, and the amount of music available is amazing. I use this app instead of iTunes, because if I didn't I would be spending thousands of dollars on music a year.
—Guest Matt


Even though after your free trial you have to pay, it is worth it!
—Guest May

Awesome app

Itube is amazing. I read the comment below and downloaded it and it was a really awesome music app.
—Guest Bunny butt

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What's the Best Free iPhone Music App?

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