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Readers Respond: Why Did You Buy an iPod?

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There are many great reasons to buy an iPod. From the usefulness to the coolness factor, millions and millions of people have thousands of answers. Share yours here: why do you buy an iPod?


I bought it because I just thought that I could use it for music because I only use 16 GB devices but I got 32 GB because it had a rear-facing camera.
—Guest Skylar

I don't know

I have been wanting an iPod since I saw how cool and useful they could be. I need a phone so I thought iPods could be helpful to me. I have been looking online for a while and found out you can download calling apps and it can be used as a Wi-Fi phone. Another reason why I am not confident about buying this is that Apple makes new products every fall and if I decide to get it now, what happens when the iPod touch 6 comes out. It will become useless to me. If people are getting so exited now, what more when the new one comes out...they will be all over that one and 5G will be obsolete. That iS the main reason I am not sure if I REALLY NEED the iPod. I am not the type of person who gets a lot of gadgets so when I am to get something like that it is pretty much precious to me. Anyway I am still thinking about saving up for one.....I mean look at the Nintendo DS, the very first one (DS lite) is completely out on sale, but that's how business works. I will still keep thinking about it.
—Guest guest maia

Yeah...why would you need one?

So you spend a load of money, sometimes not even your own but pressure parents into spending it, for a device which lets you play little games, be on Facebook (because you are just SOOO important and just HAVE to tell all those other REALLY important people how important you all are, right?) and listen to music? That is it? I see ... society is breaking down fast. People do not make real friends anymore. So, what else is the iPod for? Hmmm ... yeah, pretty much useless actually. I get an MP3 player for $20 for the gym, have a Flash drive for all the music I ever would want and plug it in to my car stereo. total cost = $30. And guess what? I play REAL games with my kids and do NOT feel the need to share my 'so important' life online so people can leave fake comments on my pictures. Yeah ... no need for an iPod, iPad. But, go ahead ... buy 'em. And don't forget to text while you drive. I don't want to die being hit by you, while you are posting what odor your last fart had, Mr./Ms. SoImportant.
—Guest Not Important

I bought...

my first iPod when I was sent to the Philippines on business for a month. With an 80 GB 5th generation, I was able to load up with tunes and video and it kept me company all through the 20+ hour flights. In addition, I was able to add pictures of my wife and family for the lonely times. It really converted me into an Apple fan. Now, we have an iMac, two iPhones, 2 iPads, and that original iPod, while relegated to life on the dock, is still plugging along.
—Guest Bubba

Christmas gift '10 8 year old daughter

I am not a rich woman, but she had asked for one for both her birthday and Christmas combined. So iPod touch 4.1. Close to $350 when insured and I thought it was way overpriced. HOWEVER with a Wi-Fi hotspot carried along with it, I can use it as a cell phone which was completely not expected. The app is $30 a year. I watch HBO GO, CW, Showtime. So many fun games. Apps that encourage my sister's autistic son to interact. GPS mapping for traveling. Web Browsing. She was 7, I am 29. All the electronic devices this duplicates, time to get one for myself.

It's great at first

I have never had a problem with my iPod! I pretty much love it! The only problem is that after having it for 2 years the battery life is terrible. It went from having to charge it every 4 days to charging it everyday. ): I'm thinking about replacing the battery but I'm not sure yet
—Guest Momo


Seriously, if you have nothing good to say don't say it... Anyway: I bought an iPod Touch because I lost my old MP3 player, I didn't buy it for the music though... I bought it for the games and Apps. My sister has one and before I got mine I used to borrow hers until I got better in a game and she put a passcode on it. So I bought one for myself. Then I bought a case and other stuff so that when I started High School again it's not going to be scratched. I bought it because I like games and apps and reading so I especially like the books... I think you should only buy an iPod if you really know that you want it. I spent nights finding the right model to buy for myself and I did my research well because I know that I am really happy with my ipod touch... Do your research on all the models and generations so you get one that suits you best for your life time Make sure you have a budget for what you spend for your iPod(mine is $200-300) Choose it because it's compatible with you
—Guest Rosalina Gurnsey

the grat reason

You need to buy an iPod because it's made from China, where the employees are in extreme stress condition, with low pay per month.
—Guest santos


it's fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest r

I bought it because of

its coolness :) I was looking for a new Mp3 Player to replace my old one, and i personally don't have much interest in electrical devices. So i didn't want to spend my time searching and comparing and poder upon which one to buy! And i came to realize that ipod is not that pricey compared to other mp3 players, so i just bought it. Unlike other brands, apple, i don't have to worry about how it will look on me haha i bought ipod nono, and i only use it for listening to music and i don't have any problem with that!
—Guest Claire

what a rip off

I didn't buy. It was given to me and I have never hated a little device more than I hate this stupid piece of junk. Do you mean that I have to be online to move music files from my computer to the stupid I pod? What a bucnh of crock!!!!!!
—Guest frustrated dude

Battery not always needed.

One good thing about the ipod is, when the battery does run down one can still use it around the home connected to an extension lead. This would be still ideal for bowsing the web, reading books, playing games, and so on. Derek.
—Guest Derek

thank you guys

I am a newcomer, putting in balance pros and cons for buying an ipod. Reading the postings I decided to wait, I am glad I didn't buy yet. I am not an earplug person so I wouldn't be all the time with Ipod in my ears.
—Guest helena

My 1st electronic-Xmas 2008

I have enjoyed my ipod touch for 8 months now. I can charge it from any computer itunes or no itunes and I can download anything on it. I have great music and I can shield all other noises out. Especially when I hear discussions on long car rides regarding EMO comments. Also I podcast the Baltimore Ravens on here.
—Guest Voldermort

Ipod : reason for purchase

I requested an Ipod for Christmas 2 years ago. I received a nano, and basically use it for listening to podcasts, ripping music in iTunes and syncing with the ipod, and playing the assortment of games that can be downloaded from the iTunes store.
—Guest Rino Lattanzio

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