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Readers Respond: What Do You Do With Your Old iPods and iPhones?

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With new iPods and iPhones coming out all the time, passionate fans upgrade all the time. But what do you do with your old iPods? Do you give them to friends, sell them, donate them to charity, turn them into art projects? Share your best uses for used iPods and iPhones here.

Use it as a remote

Have an old 3GS, which now I can use as a remote for my iTunes library. Didn't use it when it was my only phone, in order not to drain the (poor) battery of the iPhone. Turned it into an iPod touch. But I'm considering putting another SIM into it, to use it as an alternate phone (should my new one get stolen or whatever). But another good tip is to give it away to someone that enjoys it (and can't afford one).
—Guest Santiago

family phone

I haven't tried it, but I have read that you can use the iPod touch as an internet phone. So you could give it to a distant friend or family member, then use it to talk with them.
—Guest Seattle Sue

Give it away to an unfortunate soul

I gave my 2nd G Nano to my husband's 10 year-old grandson, who had lost the Shuffle we gave him as a gift a few years ago. I gave him all the accessories he needed -- except for the USB connector for syncing! Duh. While he waits for that to come in the mail, I hear he has been enjoying MY music -- old jazz and dixieland. Who'da thought?
—Guest Shelley

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