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Readers Respond: Where Do You Find Cheap iPods?

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Everyone likes to get a good deal. Especially on products that are on the expensive side, like iPods. The article above has some suggestions for where and how to find cheap iPods, but lots of people have success using different techniques. Share your tips for getting cheap iPods here.

For more on buying iPods and iPhones check out:

It's fine.

It's fine. iTunes gift cards work for a regular iPod. What that quote means is that you can't buy music directly over your regular iPod like you can with an iPod touch. She would use her PC or Mac to buy music from iTunes and then sync it to her iPod.
—Guest hucKHjjEmvwUpdbSEUT

I'm Lost

So far I have looked on at least 10 websites and still have not found a good older iPod to buy! HELP ME PLEASE!!!
—Guest Cory

Discount Ipods

I found discount Ipods like Touch and Nanos at http://www.desertmerchant.com

my free iPod

I got a 1st Generation Apple iPod Shuffle for free from Listia.
—Guest Corrina

re: cheapipodsale.com

nothing there, just a parked web page. Would be nice to find a good non-mac sanctioned resource for refub'd / used ipods.
—Guest learningrichard

album artwork help

u need to change the name of the album or it will display the first one u have for that artist. it will be right on ur ipod either way though. if several of the songs or vids have the same album, but different pics, just put the name of the song + single. i had the same prob.
—Guest blyons

cheap ipods

Go to ipoddepartment.com, they basically just take the best deals from amazon and post them.
—Guest Jake

I look for the best deals online

www.itouch-deals.com is a nice website with the best deals on the new 3rd generation itouch
—Guest Ivan

album artwork problems with iTunes

Can ANYONE tell me why iTunes refuses to use the artwork that comes imbedded in the music videos I purchase from them? It's not that it doesn't use artwork, it just uses the wrong artwork. I have 5 or 6 music videos from one artist and they all use the artwork from one or them, not their own. I've gone into 'info' and the correct artwork is there for each video so how can I cause it to be used? I like the coverflow idea, if only it would work. iTunes support is no help;they just give the same useless, pat answers the help file gives. Help? Anyone?
—Guest Baldridg

I got a place where can find cheap ipods

www.cheapipodssale.com is a nice place to get much specifications of all models and can get cheap ipods.
—Guest Roger

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