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Readers Respond: Your Tips For Kids and iPod touch

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For you parents who have given your children an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, share your tips with other parents about how they can protect their kids while still letting them use the latest technology.

Yes iPhone is awesome.

I have an iPhone & I love it. I think it's way better than iPod touch because it has Wi-Fi & 3G (I have an iPhone 3GS), & when I bought it from the AT&T store, since the iPhone 4 was already out, I got mine for $50.00 (that's a great deal). The only thing my parents pay for is the monthly bill, I paid for my actual upgrade, all my apps, music, movies etc. When I want to buy something for it, I just walk to the store & buy an iTunes gift card. My parents love it too, because I'm happy & they don't have to worry about cost (I use either my allowance or dog-walking money I get). I also don't have any restrictions because I've proven I can be trusted. Since iPhone has 3G, it's better if you're not in a Wi-Fi hotspot. I think iPhone is the way 2 go. I've never had an iPod touch nor do I plan to.
—Guest Will petrie

Kids accounts

My kids use my iTunes account to download iTunes content, which works well for me because I know the what and the cost of what they download.
—Guest Peter

don't do it

The iPod touch is not a good choice for kids. Contrary to what it says above, Apple won't let them have their own account, so they'll have to use yours. The iPod touch and its apps/games also assumes you have continuous Wifi available. It will also destroy your own itunes settings and fill your hard drive full of junk if you sync. When a kid has an iPod it is a huge commitment for the parents, it is just not worth it. Get them a pony instead, it is a similar commitment and cost and it will be less hassle.
—Guest John

iTunes account for your kids

We have both of our kids on our iTunes account. They do not know our password. When they want to purchase something, we log in, and then they have temporary access. In doing this, our kids have free downloads of any of our apps that they want, and we have some parental control over their account. We have done this for 3 years, and it works well for our family.

Kids email for iPod, iPad

You can always get a Parental controlled email account from a service like Ezity.com too.
—Guest Megan G

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