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Reader Reviews : User Review: TouchCopy

User Rating 3 Star Rating (7 Reviews)


Even though Apple tries to prevent users from transferring music from an iPod to iTunes, there are third-party program - like TouchCopy - that help you do just that. They're also valuable when you're trying to move an iTunes library from an old computer to a new one.

Here are some reviews of TouchCopy from real users. Their experiences may help you decide whether it's the right program for your needs.

"This is truly an amazing program."

I've been searching for days on how to put lost music, photos and apps back onto my iTunes from my iPhone. I tried TouchCopy 11 and it did everything I needed. All my music, photos and apps are safel…More

A mixed bag

Pros:When you just have to have a backup of important data from your iPhone this app will make it for you. Contacts and calendars backed up and imported to Outlook very well, then transferred back to…More

"Great program--it does what it say's it will do"

Great program--it does what it say's it will do. I would recommend this product to others trying to save the music on their iPod onto their new PC.... There might be a few drawbacks, but at this time…More

"Why on earth didn't I find it months ago?"

What a terrific product and why on earth didn't I find it months ago? I have a new Windows 7 PC and have been trying desperately to transfer over all my playlists to my new PC.Apple Support was absol…More

"What a waste of time."

Would not recognize my iPhone. Did everything recommended. What a waste of time.Downloaded recommended programs, did all the updates etc. etc. etc. etc.Reboot computer, reboot with iPhone attached.I …More

"To say that I'm delighted would be an under-statement!"

When my PC died and I realized that my iTunes backup was worthless, I was devastated. I thought I would lose my all my songs and hundreds of photos which were trapped on my iPhone. Thankfully, I came…More

"TouchCopy is a frustrating program to use."

TouchCopy is a frustrating program to use. While it transfers most files eventually, I frequently get some files omitted from the transfer, for reasons I can't fathom (but which I suspect are linked …More

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