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Reader Reviews : User Review: Asurion iPhone Insurance

User Rating 1.5 Star Rating (15 Reviews)


There are a number of companies that offer insurance for the iPhone. Asurion insures many kinds of cell phones, including the iPhone. Read on for reviews of Asurion's service by actual customers.

"The help was awful."

Broke my phone and put in a claim. After three different customer service reps transferred me back to the main menu I got fed up and asked for a manager. It's been at least 3 days since I put my clai…More

"I would recommend this company to anyone"

I keep reading all of these horror stories about Asurion. My experience with them was a good one. Two weeks ago my wife dropped and broke her Note 2 phone. The website was automatically going to repl…More

"This is the WORST time I ever had"

Please, this is the WORST time I ever had... over 7 days now. Now gift card coming. Walmart has my money for my daughter's phone, Asurion has my money for the warranty and I get nothing. ARE YOU SERI…More

"This is just unbelievable."

It's been nearly three weeks and still do not have a replacement for my iPhone 5. This is just unbelievable. The worst part is I'm helpless and can't do anything about it. They don't offer you anythi…More

"Customer service is rude and non helpful"

I only wish I could give you all a 0 star rating, so many times before I have dealt with your phone claim service and time after time the same hold is put on saying "verification is needed" when 24 h…More

"Horrible service."

Horrible service. I washed my iPhone 5S. The replacement cost $200 to Assurion. Three days after ordering and not receiving, I called them. They said they had computer trouble and my order was never …More


::::::::::::::::::::::BEWARE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I have never used them. Never replaced a phone. Checked my cc bill and found a $199 charge from Asurion. Now I have to waste time disputing i…More

"Have had nothing but success with Asurion"

Have had nothing but success with Asurion. Am reading reviews and was shocked. I have used them many times for grandkids' iPods and have been surprised at how pleased I was with the results. Most com…More

"Do not use them."

Asurion sucks. They have terrible customer service and the representatives do not know what they are doing. They do not send you enough information to restore your phone and they send you cheap repla…More

"Customer Service Reps are rude and lack empathy"

My new iPhone 5S 32G ($750 retail value- purchased April 1, 2014) was stolen on May 16th, 2014, about 9PM EST. I called to report it to AT&T immediately and deactivated the service to prevent intrude…More

"Bad business to send a used phone."

I needed to order a replacement iPhone and when the phone arrived, after being charged $169.00, it was a refurbished phone and not a new phone. When I called and told them that no one told me I was g…More

"I felt that was a big lie"

The moment that I found out that I had lost my cell phone at the beach, I called Verizon to cancel my service and contacted Asurion for a replacement phone. I had been paying five bucks per month for…More

"The worst phone insurance ever"

The worst phone insurance ever!!!!!!! I am so pissed at this company to have me sign an affidavit and provide a bill, drivers license, etc. This is pathetic! I would never recommend Assurion to anyon…More

"This is absolutely the worst insurance policy I have ever heard of."

This is absolutely the worst insurance policy I have ever heard of. They are criminal. I purchased my phone 21 months ago and signed a contract stating that I would pay $50 for them to replace my pho…More

"I'd rather have no insurance than to go through this!"

They have the most complicated format for changing personal information. You cannot update personal information such as address change, billing information, etc. online, only by phone. And you go thr…More

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