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Should I Upgrade My iPhone 3G to iOS 4?


Question: Should I Upgrade My iPhone 3G to iOS 4?
Owners of the iPhone 3G aren’t left out of the fun when it comes to upgrading to iOS 4. But, given that there are some drawbacks, many people are asking whether they should upgrade their phone to iOS 4.

The answer depends on a number of things.

While it’s technically true to say that iPhone 3G owners aren’t left out of the iOS 4 fun, they kind of are. That’s because not all features of the OS work on the 3G, given its hardware differences from the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

So, before you upgrade, you’ll want to get the lowdown on which iOS 4 features work on the iPhone 3G.

If that’s OK, it makes sense to learn from other users. Not all upgrades are smooth, and some iPhone 3G owners have had problems with the upgrade.

Ultimately the upgrade decision is yours – but maybe the bigger and better upgrade is a new iPhone?

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