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Using an iPod Car Adapter

Find out how to set up and use an iPod car adapter, including wireless and iPod cassette adapters for car radios, so you can enjoy your iPod in the car, listening over your car stereo.
  1. iPod Car Adapter Reviews

Top iPod & iPhone FM Transmitters
Taking your music on the road is part of the fun with iPhones and iPods. It's even better when you listen to it through your car stereo. Find out which FM adapters are best here.

Your Favorite iPod Car Adapter - What iPod Car Kit Do You Prefer?
There are many different kinds of iPod car kits. From the built-in jack to the FM transmitter, they'll all get the music from your iPod to your car stereo, but some work better than others, some cost more, and other barely work at all. Share your experiences here: what's the best way to connect your iPod to your car stereo?

iPod Car Adapters: Wireless, Built-In or Cassette?
Advice on whether to buy a wireless, built-in, or cassette adapter for your car. Some are better or more expensive than others, but whatever you choose, you'll be bringing your music with you everywhere.

Tips for Using An iPod Car Adapter
Here are a few tips to reduce interference and get you the most out of your iPod wireless car adapter.

Cars with Built-in iPhone and iPod Adapters
Want to truly get the most out of your iPod or iPhone while in the car? Check out these car makers that offer built-in iPod and iPhone adapters.

Getting the Best Sound Out of Your iPod Cassette Adapter
No matter what kind of iPod cassette adapter you use – one made specifically for iPod or a generic one — you’ll find that it’s not always easy to get the best sound from the combination of iPod and car stereo.

Use this tool for iPod/iPhone accessory maker DLO to find the best FM stations to use with your iPod car stereo adapter.

Belkin My Best FM
Use this tool for iPod/iPhone accessory maker Belkin to find the best FM stations to use with your iPod car stereo adapter.

CarPlay Frequently Asked Questions
CarPlay is Apple's way of embedding the iOS, apps, and your iPhone directly into the dashboard of your car. It's available built-in to car stereos or as an after-market add on. Learn all about CarPlay here.

iOS in the Car Frequently Asked Questions
Find out how iOS in the Car will change what driving is like.

Improve Your Roadtrips with iPhone and Apps
Roadtrips, especially with kids, can feel longer than they are and can be stressful. But with the iPhone, iPad, and apps, you can make your trips more enjoyable, less stressful, and seem to fly by.

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