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Where to Get AirPlay for Windows


Question: Where to Get AirPlay for Windows

AirPlay, Apple's technology to stream audio and video from iPhone apps to computers and compatible AV devices like the 2nd-generation Apple TV has generated a lot of excitement for Mac users. People running Windows computers, though, haven't had as much luck, which leads to the question: how do you use AirPlay for Windows?


While Windows users were once shut out of the AirPlay fun--there were no tools to allow streaming of content via AirPlay to a Windows PC--things are starting to change.

Windows users have always been able to use the AirPlay feature built into the Windows version of iTunes to stream music to compatible audio devices. Now, thanks to a pair of projects, Windows users can also turn their PCs into AirPlay-compatible receivers.

The first program, Shairport4w, is an open-source project available as a free download. Learn more about using it.

The second option, called AirPlay Client for Windows Media Center, is also a free download. it requires Bonjour to be installed for use (Bonjour is installed along with iTunes on Windows).

For a short time, there was a program called AirMediaPlayer for Windows which did this, but its developer has removed it. No word on whether it will be returning.

As other tools to make AirPlay work on Windows are released, I'll update this page.

Last Updated: May 24, 2011

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