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What Is An iPhone?


Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

image copyright Apple Inc.

iPhone - The iPhone is Apple's first Internet-enabled smartphone. It combines the features of a mobile phone, wireless Internet device, and iPod into one pocket-sized package.

Perhaps the iPhone's most innovative feature is its 3.5-inch multitouch screen. This screen allows an interface based on touch, rather than a keyboard, mouse, or stylus, and allows items onscreen to be manipulated by two finger touches, rather than just one. The iPhone can also be viewed in landscape or portrait mode, with the screen automatically shifting based on the angle that the phone is held at.

At launch, it was understood that the iPhone rans a version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system. That operating system was later renamed iOS.

iPod/MP3 player
Video playback/widescreeen option
Wireless Internet access, using Wi-Fi and GSM/EDGE
2-megapixel digital camera
3.5-inch screen



Battery Life
5 hours talk/video/web browsing
16 hours audio playback

Size (in inches)
4.5 tall x 2.4 wide x 0.46 deep

Weight (in ounces)

Released: June 2007
Discontinued: June 2008

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