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What is the iPhone 3GS?


the iPhone 3GS
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The iPhone 3GS is the third iPhone model released by Apple. It takes the second-generation iPhone 3G as its base and adds fine-tunings and a few major new features.

The major changes to the iPhone 3GS come in the areas of performance and media. The 3GS performs much faster than the 3G, with Apple claiming an overall two-fold increase in speed.

In the media arena, the iPhone 3GS sports a new camera that boasts 3 megapixel resolution and the ability to record video. The phone also includes onboard video-editing software. The iPhone 3GS improves in battery life, also, when compared to the one used in the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 3GS doubles the capacity of the iPhone 3G, offering models with 16GB and 32GB storage.

As with both previous models, the iPhone 3GS has a 3.5-inch touchscreen and runs iOS.

Overall faster performance
7.2 Mbps 3G network connection (faster than the iPhone 3G's connection)
Increased storage capacity
3-megapixel camera, with video recording at 30 frames/second
Onboard video-editing software, with the ability to share video via text, email, and YouTube
Hardware encryption
Voice Control interface that lets users make calls and control iTunes by voice; the phone can also speak what songs are playing
Improved accessibility based on the phone speaking content
Built-in support for Nike+ 
Improved battery life
3.5-inch touchscreen
Built-in GPS
Onboard digital compass
App Store support
iOS 3.0 support



Battery Life
5/12 hours 3G/2G talk
9 hours Wi-Fi Internet use
10 hours video playback
30 hours audio playback
300 hours standby

Size (in inches)
4.5 tall x 2.4 wide x 0.48 deep

Weight (in ounces)

Announced: June 8, 2009
Released: June 19, 2009
Discontinued: June 2010


Also Known As: Third-Generation iPhone

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