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iPad Users Manual


Last Updated: Dec. 2010 

With the Internet being so central to everyone's computing experience these days, it's more and more rare to get things like CDs with software on them or printed manuals. That's especially true with Apple products. When you open the box that the iPad comes in, one thing you won't find is a full manual (though there is some limited documentation). The links below will point you to the more complete manuals for the iPad.

1. First Generation iPad

First-Generation Apple iPad
image copyright Apple Inc.

Apple called the first iPad both "magical" and "revolutionary." History will judge that, of course, but even magical products sometimes need a manual. The link here will give you the iPad manual in PDF.

2. iOS 4.2 User Guide

With iOS 4.2 coming to the iPad, a tremendous number of useful new features have come to the iPad. This manual will help you understand what those features are and how to use them (PDF).

3. Guides to Cables

These guides help iPad owners understand how to use video-out cables with the iPad. You have two options:

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