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How to Reboot iPod touch


restart ipod touch

5th Generation iPod touch

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Using an iPod touch is usually a pretty smooth process. But from time to time, you’ll find that an app crashes and locks the iPod or that the touch freezes up completely.

When this happens, you’re not stuck. You just need to restart the iPod touch. Here’s how to perform an iPod touch reboot. These instructions work with the first-generation, second-generation, third generation, fourth generation, and fifth generation iPod touch:

  1. Hold down the hold button at the top left of the touch (on the 4th generation model the button is on the top right) and the home button at the center front of the device.
  2. Continue holding them even after the slider to turn off the touch appears. Do not let go at this point.
  3. A few seconds after this, the screen will flash and go black. At this point, the touch has been rebooted.
  4. Hold down the hold button at the top left until the screen lights up again and the Apple logo appears.
  5. Release the button and let the iPod touch finish booting up and you’ll be ready to rock again.

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