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iPod Problems and Help; iPhone Problems and Help

iPods and iPhones are easy to use and powerful, but sometimes things go a little wrong. Whether it's a system freeze or problems downloading songs you've bought, you'll find out here how to solve these problems and get back to the music.
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Why Do iPod touch Software Updates Cost Money?
Owners of an iPod touch know something that few other iPod or iPhone owners know unless they pay very close attention when Apple releases new software for these devices: major software upgrades that are free to iPhone users cost US$10-$20 for iPod touch owners. The question many iPod touch owners ask is: why?

Where to Buy iPhone Insurance
Getting insurance on an expensive item like the iPhone only makes sense. Many people look for iPhone insurance from Apple or AT&T, but there's just one problem.

Preventing iPod Theft: Tips to Avoid Having Your iPod Stolen
Make sure your iPod or iPhone stays yours with these anti-theft tips.

Fix iPod touch White Screen
When your iPod touch displays only white on its screen – not any icons, not the Apple logo, nothing else – this is clearly a problem. There are three steps you can take to try to fix it.

Test Your Knowledge: iPod Trivia Quiz
A fun trivia quiz for you and your friends to use to test your knowledge of the iPod, iPhone, and iTunes.

What Do I Do If My iPod Freezes Up?
Instructions on how to restart every model of iPod and iPhone.

How to Restore iPod touch
Restoring your iPod touch may seem intimidating, but it's actually relatively easy.

Using iPhone DFU Mode
Find out what DFU Mode is, why it's important, and how to use it (it can be a little tricky!).

Using the iPod & iPhone Warranty Checker
Before you seek support, make sure you know your device's warranty status. It will save you time--and money.

Help for iPods, iPhones, iPads, and iTunes
Articles that provides tips and tricks for iPod troubleshooting, iPhone help, and iTunes troubleshooting.

Resetting/Restarting a frozen iPod Video
A step-by-step guide to resetting or restarting a frozen iPod video.

Resetting/Restarting a frozen iPod Nano
Got a 1st through 5th generation iPod nano that's frozen up? Learn how to restart your nano here.

Resetting/Restarting a frozen iPod Shuffle

Resettng/Restarting a frozen Clickwheel iPod/iPod Photo
From time to time Clickwheel iPods will freeze up and stop responding to clicks. When this happens, you need to restart them to get them working again.

Resetting/Restarting a frozen 1st/2nd Generation iPod
A step-by-step guide to resetting or restarting a frozen first or second generation iPod.

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