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How to Delete Apps from iPod touch


Delete Apps from iPod touch

Deleting apps via iTunes

Updated May 16, 2014

Installing apps on the iPod touch is easy. Just a few taps or clicks and you can be using a new app. We've all had the experience of coming across that perfect/funny/cool/useful app. The price is right and so we take the plunge and download it. And we love it--for a week or three. But then you realize one day that you haven't used the app in weeks, maybe months. And now you'd like the free space on your iPod touch.

Just like there are two ways to install them, there are also two ways to delete apps from iPod touch while still saving them on your hard drive for later use--and a third that deletes the app permanently.

Delete Apps from the iPod touch

Perhaps the easiest way to delete apps from the iPod touch will be familiar if you've ever rearranged the apps on the home screen or created folders: tap and hold an app until all the apps begin shaking.

When this happens, every app that can be deleted (the apps that come pre-loaded with the iPod touch from Apple can't be--more on that in a minute) will have a black X in its left corner. Tap the X and a window will pop up asking if you really want to delete that app or if you want to cancel. Tap Delete and the app will be removed. Repeat this process for each app you want to delete. When you're finished, click the home button.

This technique only deletes the app from your iPod touch. It doesn't remove the app from your computer, so you can always sync it again using iTunes.

Delete Apps Using iTunes

Another easy way to delete apps from your iPod touch is to use iTunes. This is the option you'll probably want to use if you're going to remove more than just one or two apps.

Begin by syncing your iPod touch to your computer. When the sync is complete, click the Apps tab along the top of the management screen in iTunes.

On the Apps screen, you'll see a list of all your apps and their arrangement on your touch. First, make sure the Sync Applications box is checked. By default, all applications are synced to your iPod touch. To prevent that, click Selected Applications.

If you're running iTunes 10 or earlier, when you do this, the checkbox next to each app becomes clickable. Unclick the box next to each app that you want to delete from your iPod touch. In iTunes 11 or higher, click the Remove button. All the others will stay installed on the touch when you click Apply at the bottom right and re-sync the device.

Deleting Pre-Installed Apps

As I said, you can't really delete the apps that Apple pe-installs on your iPod touch, but you can hide them and prevent them from being used. To do this, you have to turn on Restrictions and disable the individual apps. Learn about how to do that here.

Delete Apps from iCloud

One of the useful features of iCloud is that it retains records of everything you've bought from the iTunes and App Stores and allows you to re-download purchases. This means that even if you delete an app from your iPod touch, it's still available in iCloud. It also means that you can't permanently delete an app from iCloud, but you can hide it. To hide an app in your iCloud account:

  1. Go to the iTunes Store and click Purchases
  2. Click the Apps tab
  3. Find the app you want to delete and hover your mouse over it. An X will appear on it.
  4. Click the X
  5. Click Hide.

Delete Apps Permanently

All of the techniques described so far remove apps from your device, but they don't permanently delete them; they're still hanging around on your computer. To permanently delete apps from iPod touch, you need to remove it from your computer’s hard drive, too.

To do this, go to the Apps menu in iTunes (it's in the left-hand column of iTunes 10 and earlier, in the drop-down menu in iTunes 11 or higher). On this screen, which lists the apps on your hard drive, single click the app you want to delete. You can then right-click it and choose Delete or hit the delete key on the keyboard.

You'll be asked to confirm the deletion. If you really want to remove the app forever, confirm. Otherwise, cancel and let the app live to be used another day.

OF course, if you delete an app and then change your mind, remember that you can re-download apps for free.

NOTE: All three of these techniques also apply to the iPhone and iPad as well.

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