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8 Video Apps for iPod touch and iPhone


The iPhone and iPod touch have always offered users the ability to watch movies synced through iTunes – whether they’ve been purchased, rented, or ripped from DVD. On top of that, both also give their owners access to YouTube through a built-in application.

With the introduction of the iPhone Apps Store, though, the range of video applications available for both devices has grown substantially. Now users have many choices for the kinds of video apps, and video content, they want to watch on their mobile devices.

Fox Sports Mobile
Price: Free
Download at iTunes

Notes: Provides the top 5 Fox Sports clips of the day, and offers score, GameTrax updates for in-progress games, and team pages

Price: Free
Download at iTunes

Notes: Allows users to view clips and webisodes, but not full length shows the way the desktop app does

Price: $9.99
Download at iTunes

Notes:Requires the use of the Orb desktop app, which is PC only; when running app, users can stream video to their iPhone or iPod touch, without any need for synching

OrbLive Free
Price: Free
Download at iTunes

Notes: A free version of Orb, which is limited to three random samples from your library; designed as a sample to move you to the paid version

iTunes Movie Trailers
Price: $1.99
Download at iTunes

Notes: Allows you to view over 1,300 movie trailers over WiFi, 3G, and EDGE; can also download movies for offline viewing

Price: Free
Download at iTunes

Notes: An interface to search the web for videos, or browse through video channels

vSNAX Videos
Price: Free
Download at iTunes

Notes: Watch videos for established networks, including CBS News, Discovery Channel, Style, G4, VH1, and more

WiFi Video
Price: $2.99
(No longer available at the App Store)

Notes: Uses server software to stream movies to mobile device; supports MP4, MOV, and M4V formats, but not those with DRM

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