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How to Set up the iPod Shuffle


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Introduction to Setting up the Third Generation iPod Shuffle
ipod shuffle instructions, step 1

The iPod Shuffle is different from the other iPods: it doesn’t have a screen. And while there are a few other differences, setting one up is fairly similar to setting up other models. If you're setting up an iPod for the first time with the Shuffle, take heart: it's pretty easy.

These instructions apply (with minor variations depending on the model) to the following iPod Shuffle models:

Begin by plugging the Shuffle into the included USB adapter and plugging that into a USB port on your computer. When you do this, iTunes will launch if you haven't already launched it. Then, in the main iTunes window you'll see the Welcome To Your New iPod screen shown above. Click the Continue button.

Next you'll be asked to agree to some legal terms of use for the Shuffle, the iTunes Store, and iTunes. You'll need to agree to them in order to continue, so click the checkbox and then click the Continue button to proceed.

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