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How to Set Up iPod


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iPod Management Screen
set up ipod, step 3

You're then delivered to the iPod management screen. This is the main interface through which you'll manage the content on your iPod from now on.

On this screen, your options include:

  • Check for Update - Periodically, Apple releases software updates for the iPod. To check to see if there's a new one and, if there is, install it, click this button.
  • Restore - To restore your iPod to factory settings or from a backup, click this button. Learn more about restoring an iPod.
  • Open iTunes when this iPod is connected - Check this box if you always want iTunes to open when you connect your iPod to this computer.
  • Sync only checked songs - This option lets you control what songs are synced to your iPod. To the left of each song in iTunes is a small checkbox. If you have this option turned on, only songs with those boxes checked will be synced to your iPod. This setting is a way of controlling what content syncs and what doesn't.
  • Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC - To fit more songs onto your iPod, you can check this option. It will automatically create 128 kbps AAC files of the songs you're syncing, which will take up less space. Since they're smaller files, they'll also be of lower sound quality, but probably not enough to notice in most cases. This is a useful option if you want to pack a lot of music onto a small iPod.
  • Manually manage music - Prevents your iPod from automatically syncing when you connect it.
  • Enable disk use - Lets your iPod function like a removable hard drive in addition to a media player.
  • Configure Universal Access - Universal Access provides handicap accessibility features. Click this button to turn those features on.

To commit these settings and update your iPod accordingly, click the "Apply" button in the bottom right corner of the window.

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