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How to Set Up iPod


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Name iPod & Choose Basic Settings
set up ipod, step 2

The next onscreen instruction that appears when you connect your iPod to set it up allows you to name your iPod and choose some initial settings. On this screen, your options are:

  • Name - This is the name your iPod will display when you connect it to your computer from now on. You can always change this later if you like.
  • Automatically sync songs to my iPod - Check this box if you want iTunes to automatically sync any music already in your iTunes library to your iPod. If you have more songs in your library than your iPod can hold, iTunes randomly loads songs until your iPod is full.
  • Automatically add photos to my iPod - This appears on iPods that can display photos and, when checked, automatically adds photos stored in your photo management software.
  • iPod Language - Choose the language you want your iPod menus to be in.

When you've made your selections, click the Done button.

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