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Set Up Instructions for iPod nano


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Introduction to Setting up the iPod nano
apple ipod nano instructions, step 1

7th Generation iPod nano

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For folks who have owned other iPods, setting up the iPod nano will seem pretty familiar – though there are a couple of new twists. For those who are enjoying the iPod for the first time with this nano, take heart: it's pretty easy to set up. Just follow these steps and you'll be using your iPod nano to listen to music or take videos in no time.

These instructions apply to:

To begin, take the nano out of its box and click anywhere on the clickwheel (5th generation model) or the hold button (6th and 7th generation) to turn it on. Use the clickwheel on the 5th gen. model, or the touchscreen on the 6th and 7th, to select the language you want to use and click the middle button to proceed.

With the 6th generation, just plug it into the computer you want to sync it with. With the 7th generation model, plug it in and, if you're syncing the nano with a Mac, iTunes will "optimize for Mac" and then restart the nano automatically.

With that done, you need to register the nano and begin adding content to it. Make sure that your computer has iTunes installed (learn how to install iTunes on Windows and Mac) and that you've got some music or other content to add to the nano (learn how to get music online and how to rip CDs).

The iPod nano will show up in the Devices menu at the left in iTunes and you'll be ready to begin.

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