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How to Set Up & Sync iPod Touch


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Download Music & Ringtones to iPod Touch
sync ipod touch, step 6

Click the Music tab to access the options for controlling what music is synced to your touch.

  • Sync Music - This must be checked if you want to add music from your iTunes library to your touch.
  • Entire Music Library not surprisingly syncs all your iTunes music. This only works if your touch has enough storage to hold your library. If it doesn't, you'll get as much of your music as can fit.
  • Include music videos syncs music videos if you have any.
  • Include voice memos syncs voice recordings.
  • Automatically fill free space with songs - This fills any empty storage space on your touch with music that hasn't already been added to it (obviously this doesn't work if your touch can't store your entire library in the first place).
  • Selected playlists, artists, and genres click the button to choose what music gets synced to your iPod touch.
    • When you choose this, iTunes syncs only the music you select. Sync playlists by checking the boxes on the left or all music by particular artists by checking the boxes on the right. Sync all music in a particular genre, or from a given album, by clicking the boxes at the bottom.

The Ringtones tab works in very much the same way. In order to sync ringtones to your touch, you must click the Sync Ringtones button. You can then choose either All ringtones or Selected ringtones. If you choose Selected ringtones, click on the box to the left of each ringtone you want to sync to your touch.

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