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How to Set Up & Sync iPod Touch


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Choose iPod touch Sync Settings
sync ipod touch, step 3

This is the last step in the set up process. After this, we're on to syncing.

On this screen, you should give your iPod touch a name and choose your content sync settings. Your options are:

  • Automatically sync songs and videos to my iPod - This adds your iTunes music library to the iPod touch. If your library takes up more space than your touch has, iTunes will add a random selection to fill it.
  • Automatically add photos to this iPod - Add the photo albums you have saved on your hard drive in the photo management program you use.
  • Automatically sync applications - Syncs any apps you've got in your iTunes library to your iPod touch.

You can always add these items after the iPod touch is set up. You might choose not to auto-sync content if your library is larger than the capacity of your iPod touch or you only want to sync certain content to it.

When you're ready, click Done.

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