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How to Use iPod

The basics of setting up and using your iPod.

How to Install iTunes on Windows
Using iTunes isn't technically a requirement for having an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, but it's the easiest way to get content to your device.

How To Install iTunes on a Mac
You won't need to install iTunes on a Mac very often, but if you do, here's how.

How to Set up the iPod Shuffle
In most ways, setting up an iPod Shuffle is like setting up any other model. Even though the Shuffle doesn't have a screen, it's still a reasonably straightforward process. Here's what you need to do to set up a Shuffle for the first time.

Setting up the iPod nano
Step-by-step instructions on how to set up and sync an iPod nano.

Setting up & Syncing the iPod Touch
You can't quite use the iPod touch right out of the box--you need to set it up. And, in doing that, you'll learn how to sync data from your computer to your touch, too.

Setting Up Your New iPod
Got a new iPod? Check out this tutorial on how to use iTunes to set it up and sync your music, podcasts, movies, and other content to it.

iPod nano Syncing Options
While the standard iPod content management process has been well fairly well covered in the guide to setting up the 5th-generation iPod nano, there are some options on the main screen that weren't addressed.

How to Play iPod on A Computer
We all know that iPods are terrific portable media players and that, thanks to their size, they can be taken almost anywhere. But did you know that by using a particular setting on your iPod, you can bring your entire music library with you in a little package and use it to play your iPod on a computer?

How to Turn Off a Video iPod
You won't find a traditional on/off button on the iPod video. But does that mean it can't be turned off at all?

How to Turn Off an iPod nano
The iPod nano doesn't have something that's so basic that we usually don't even think of it: an on/off button. But does that mean you can't turn off the nano?

How to Turn Off an iPod Shuffle
If you just got an iPod Shuffle and haven’t had an iPod before, you may be looking for a very common button found on most consumer electronics: the on/off switch. Well, stop your search because the iPod Shuffle doesn’t have an on/off button.

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