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Simply Organic Recipe App Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Simply Organic app review

Simply Organic iPhone App

Blockdot, Inc.

The Good

  • Easy-to-browse recipes
  • Dedicated vegetarian category
  • Nutrition facts included

The Bad

  • No pictures

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The Simply Organic recipe app (Free) focuses on helping you serve wholesome, healthy meals. With hundreds of recipes and helpful cooking tips, Simply Organic has the potential to be a great recipe app. 

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Plenty of recipe categories

The homepage of the Simply Organic app includes links to browse recipes or access coupons -- Simply Organic is a food manufacturer, so the coupons make sense. Like the AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner app, Simply Organic has a random recipe generator if you’re in need of a quick idea. You can’t actually shake your iPhone to spin the wheel like you can with the AllRecipes app, but the point is the same. 

Browsing by category is simple, and there are enough categories that the results aren’t overwhelming. It's definitely a good app for vegetarians -- like the Whole Foods Recipe and SparkRecipes apps, there’s an entire category for veggie entrees. The results list can also be sorted by criteria including recipe name, rating, ease of prep, total prep time, and cook time. I’m surprised I haven’t seen that functionality in more recipe apps, but it is awesome. I especially like sorting by rating, since I think you find some of the best recipes that way.

On the individual recipe pages, the ingredients and instructions are listed on the same page. You can add any individual ingredient to your shopping list. The recipes also include helpful tips and "chef suggestions." Like Martha's Everyday Food app, Simply Organic includes nutrition facts for each recipe, which is great for dieters. Unfortunately, there are no pictures for the recipes. Photos aren’t essential, but they certainly make a recipe app more fun to use.  

The Bottom Line

Simply Organic isn’t the most feature-packed recipe app, but it does a good job of providing wholesome recipes. The recipes are easy to browse and the ability to sort by rating or prep time is invaluable -- and something you won’t find on many iPhone recipe apps. I wish the app included some recipe pictures, but that’s my only complaint. Overall rating: 4 stars out of 5. 

What You’ll Need

The Simply Organic iPhone app requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and second- or third-generation iPod touch

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