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When things go right with iTunes, it's a simple, powerful program. But when they go wrong, they can go powerfully wrong and be pretty tricky to fix. These articles offer support for some common problems and links to even more troubleshooting advice.

iPhone Help

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Ever look down at your iPhone to find that the icons are wiggling, that they suddenly got huge, or that your screen is white and unresponsive? Then these articles are for you. They'll help you out of common iPhone trouble spots.

iPod Troubleshooting

restore ipod to factory settings

Compared to the iPhone or iTunes, not much goes wrong with iPods. But when something does go awry, you want to fix it fast. Here's how.

iPhone and iPod Manuals

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In this digital age, printed user manuals are a thing of the past. For those that still like to have the manual for their products at hand, here are download links for the current crop of iOS devices.

Restarting Frozen iPods, iPhones, and iPads

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When problems crop up, would you believe that just restarting the iPod, iPhone, or iPad is often all that's needed to cure what ails your device? It's true. Here's how to perform restarts.

Battery Life and Tips

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Because iOS devices are well made, their batteries are likely to fail before any other part does. With some smart tips you can make those batteries last longer. But, when the time comes that your battery dies for good, it's important to know your options.

Dealing with Theft & Damage

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No one likes to think of their iPod or iPhone being stolen, but it happens. From insuring your device to using web-based software to track a thief, these articles will help prevent theft and damage to your iOS device.

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