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Using Visual Voicemail on iPhone


Visual Voicemail
iphone visual voicemail

The iPhone's Visual Voicemail inbox

One of the revolutionary features introduced on the iPhone was Visual Voicemail. With it, instead of having to listen to your messages in the order you received them--and not necessarily know who they were from until you heard them--you can see all of your messages and choose the order you listen to them in.

Besides Visual Voicemail, the iPhone phone app's voicemail features generally make navigating your messages an easier task than ever before.

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Resetting iPhone Voicemail Password

One of the first things you probably did when you got your iPhone was to set your voicemail password. If you want to change that password, though, there's no clear way to do it from within the Phone app. So, how do you reset your iPhone voicemail password?

It's actually very easy, but it's not done from within the Phone app. To reset your iPhone voicemail password:

  1. Tap on the Settings app on your homescreen (unless you re-arranged your apps; if so, locate Settings wherever you put it and tap on it
  2. Tap on Phone (just under General in the middle of the page)
  3. Tap on Change Voicemail Password
  4. Enter your current password
  5. Enter the new one.

And, with that, you've reset your iPhone voicemail password.

Lost Voicemail Password
If you've forgotten your iPhone voicemail password and need to set a new one that you remember, the process isn't quite as simple. In that case, you can't change the password from your phone. You need to call your phone company and have them do it.

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