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Using Safari Find on Page


Find on Page in Safari

In desktop web browsers, you've long been able to run a search for a specific word or phrase on just the page you're looking at (control-F or command-F in most browsers). Safari, the iOS' web browser hasn't been able to do that - until the introduction of iOS 4.2, that is.

When you search for text on a web page in Safari, you're using a feature called Find on Page. It works on any iOS device running version 4.2 or higher. Here's how to use it.

Begin by loading the web page you're interested in.

iOS 7

Next, tap the address/search bar at the top of the browser window. When the onscreen keyboard appears, type the word or phrase you're searching for.

You'll see a number of suggested locations to search for that word or phrase: your default search engine (Google, for most users), Bookmarks and History (pages you've visited in the past), and at the bottom, On This Page.

Tap On This Page and you'll be taken to the page, with the first instance of the text on the page highlighted. Tap the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page to move through all instances of the text you searched for. Tap the Done button when you're done with the search.


iOS 6 and Earlier

In earlier versions of the iOS, the process is a bit different. To start, tap the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the Safari window (if Google is your default search engine, the window will read Google until you tap it).

Type in the text you're trying to find on the page. In the list of search results, you'll first see suggested search terms from Google. In a grouping below that, though, you'll see On This Page. Tap that to find the text you want on the page.

You'll see the text highlighted, as in iOS 7. Move between instances of the text you searched for with the Previous and Next buttons.


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