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How to Program Phone Extensions Into iPhone


Program an extension into a contact

Ever had to make a call using your iPhone to a friend or colleague whose phone number includes an extension? You may have thought you had to use their phone system, or remember their extension, in order to reach them. But, thanks to a not-very-well-known feature of the iPhone's phone app, you don't. Here's how to program phone extensions into iPhone:

  1. To begin, determine which contact you want to add the phone extension to
  2. Then, in either your Phone app or Contacts app, tap that contact
  3. Tap the Edit button at the top right of the contact
  4. Tap the phone number you want to add the extension to
  5. Tap the "+*#" button at the bottom left of the screen
  6. When the new options come up on the screen, you'll see a pause button at the bottom center. Tap that
  7. That will add a comma to the phone number. After the comma has been added to the phone number, type in the person's phone extension
  8. Tap Done to save the changes.

The comma that gets added to the phone number is a pause, which automated phone systems understand to be the signal that comes before an extension is entered. As a result, when you call that person's number, the extension will be automatically dialed, saving you from doing it.

Of course, this means you'll be forced to call the extension, rather than the main number or another option, but that's what you'll probably do most often anyway.


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