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iPhone Tips: Save Disk Space By Deleting Voicemails


On a device like the iPhone, you’re always after more disk space (this is especially true of the first-generation 8GB and 16GB models – that’s just not enough room for music, movies, contacts, photos, and programs!) and since there’s no way to give the iPhone more storage, you need to find tricks to conserve space.

This became a big concern for me as I noticed that my 8GB iPhone was rapidly running out of space — I had less than 700MB free. But how had this happened? I hadn’t added a substantial amount of new content to it. Sure, I added a few songs here and there, but they couldn’t have amounted to more than 5-10 songs.

And, as time went on, the available space got smaller and smaller, even without new additions? What was happening?

Delete iPhone Voicemails — For Sure

And then it hit me: iPhone voicemails aren’t fully deleted until they’re cleared. Sure, you can mark the voicemails as deleted, but they’re still on the phone — taking up disk space — until you clear them.

After I cleared a lot of old voicemails, I recovered about 700MB of space. The iPhone is supposed to automatically delete voicemails after a certain period of time, but if you’re anxious to gain more disk space without waiting here’s how:

  1. Tap the Phone icon.
  2. Tap the Voicemail icon in the bottom right.
  3. If you have deleted messages that haven’t been cleared, the Visual Voicemail list will include an item at the bottom called “Deleted Messages.” Tap it.
  4. In that screen, tap the “Clear All” button to permanently delete the messages and free up that valuable disk space.
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