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iPhone Phone App How-Tos

This section explains how to use the phone features of the iPhone. This includes making calls, using voicemail, creating and importing contacts, and more.
  1. Text Messaging on iPhone (9)
  2. Using Visual Voicemail (5)
  3. Using iPhone Ringtones (3)

Using the iPhone Phone App
While the iPhone phone app has the basic features you'd expect from a mobile phone, it adds a lot more, too. From video calls with FaceTime to super-simple conference calling, from voice dialing to call forwarding, you can learn the basics and advanced uses for the phone app here.

Using Do Not Disturb on iPhone
Finally get some sleep without your phone buzzing and ringing!

The iPhone Phone App Calling Screen Features and Options
There are a lot of buttons and options on the screen that comes up when you make a call on the iPhone. Ever wonder what they all do?

Using the iPhone Address Book and Favorites in the Phone App
Tips on using the address book, favorites, and other features of the iPhone's phone app.

How to Program Phone Extensions Into iPhone
A tip on how to save phone extensions in your iPhone address book, so you don't have to dial them when making a call.

Adding Favorites to Phone in iPhone
Make it easier to call the people you call most.

Removing Favorites from Phone in iPhone
Clean up your iPhone's phone favorites menu with this tip.

How to Make iPhone Conference Calls
Hosting a conference call on your iPhone is easier than using a dedicated conference calling service. Learn how to do it here.

Advanced Features: iPhone Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and Waiting
Learn how to use some of the iPhone phone app's more advanced features like call forwarding.

Using iPhone Voice Control
Learn tips for using Voice Control more effectively, find out if it's possible to turn Voice Control off, and more.

How to Turn Off the iPhone's Ringer and Use Vibrate or Silent Modes
Putting the iPhone into silent or vibrate mode is as simple as the flip of a switch.

iPhone Tips: Stop Accidental iPhone Hang Ups
Never accidentally hang up a call on your iPhone by touching the button with your cheek or ear again.

Double Space = Period, an iPhone Texting Shortcut
A texting shortcut that can help you type faster and more efficiently on the iPhone's onscreen keyboard.

Reordering Favorites in Phone on iPhone
Favorites are usually displayed in the order they’re added to the Favorites list. But they can be reordered in whatever way you want. It’s as easy as drag and drop. Here’s how you reorder your iPhone Favorites.

Undelete iPhone Voicemails
Just as Apple made listening to your voicemail better with the iPhone’s Visual Voicemail feature, so, too, is undeleting email on the iPhone better. Thanks to the way the phone works, you have a longer window in which to undelete an email before it’s permanently lost.

Sending Text Messages to Multiple Recipients Using iPhone
Chat with multiple friends at the same time via text with this tip.

Creating Custom iPhone Ringtones with iFuntastic
At launch, the iPhone’s ringtones were limited only to the ones that came preloaded on it. A program called iFuntastic has been released that lets you add your own custom ringtones, including those made from your iTunes music collection, to the iPhone.

Recording a Voicemail Greeting in iPhone
Remember how hard setting your voicemail greeting was before the iPhone? Well, recording your iPhone voicemail greeting is as simple as a few taps.

Resetting iPhone Voicemail Password
One of the first things you probably did when you got your iPhone was to set your voicemail password. If you want to change that password, though, there's no clear way to do it from within the Phone app. So, how do you reset your iPhone voicemail password?

How to Change iPhone SMS Ringtones
Customize your iPhone even more by assigning custom tones for text messages.

Visual Voicemail
Tips on using Visual Voicemail, the iPhone's voicemail app.

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