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Getting iTunes Support for Purchases by Reporting a Problem


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Introduction to Getting iTunes Purchase Support
Getting iTunes Support, Step 1

Most of the time, buying songs, movies, apps, or other content from the iTunes Store goes smoothly and you're enjoying your new content in no time at all. Sometimes, though, something goes wrong - and that's when it's helpful to know how to report a problem to Apple to get iTunes support.

Some of the most common problems with purchases from the iTunes Store are:

  • The download doesn't complete, leaving you with unusable partial files
  • You lose your Internet connection during the download, interrupting delivery of the files to your computer
  • You can download the files, but they don't work for some reason
  • The download never happens
  • You accidentally buy something twice.

When you encounter these and similar problems, you can get iTunes support by following these steps to report a problem.

In iTunes 11 or higher, go to the iTunes Store and either log in to your Apple ID or click on the button that shows your Apple ID.

In iTunes 10 or earlier, go to the iTunes Store and choose Account from the right-hand menu.

Enter your iTunes account password if prompted.

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