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Paid For iTunes Store Item, But Download Never Happened


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Problems with purchases at the iTunes Store can take some funny turns. Sometimes you'll make a purchase, get billed, and receive your confirmation via email, but the thing you bought will just never download. This is just one of the hassles of the modern state of online commerce.

If this has happened to you, are you stuck? Have you paid for something you'll never get?

No. There are a few options that allow you to get your purchase:

  1. Even if your download doesn't happen successfully, your purchase will usually appear in your iTunes account. That means that you can simply log into your account and use iCloud to redownload the purchase.
  2. If that doesn't work, follow these steps for reporting problems to iTunes support. They will help make sure you get the downloads you paid for.
  3. If your problem is so tricky that you can't follow the problem-reporting steps, try these other options for getting iTunes support.
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