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Fixing iTunes Problems

Tips and tricks on how to solve common iTunes problems, including missing songs, the iTunes exclamation mark, and problems purchasing or downloading from the iTunes Store.

Fixing iTunes Error 3259
The causes of, and how to resolve, iTunes error 3259.

Why Is There a Delay in iTunes Store Billing
There are two reasons for the delay between your iTunes purchase and getting a receipt. Find out what they are here.

When Ripping CDs to iTunes, Songs Have No Names. Why?
When you import a CD to iTunes, you normally get an exact copy of the CDs song and title information in iTunes, including all the songs' names, the album name, the artist name and other information. Sometimes, though, youll find that youve just a got a list of songs called Song 1 and Song 2 on an album by the ever-popular Unknown Artist.

Help! My Hard Drive Was Erased or My Computer Stolen!
Whenever a hard drive is lost whether its to a crash, accidental deletion, or theft its a big problem. You lose things that youve bought as downloads, such as music purchased from the iTunes Store. If youve lost the contents of your hard drive, what can you do about getting your iTunes Store purchases back?

Are iTunes Movie Rentals Interruptible?
Sometimes Internet connections get lost during the download of purchased content, such as a movie rented from the iTunes Store. When it comes to iTunes Movie Rentals, just because your download didn’t complete properly doesn't mean you're stuck.

Can I Redownload iTunes Purchases?
If you accidentally delete a song, app, or book that you bought at the iTunes Store, are you forced to buy it a second time?

Paid For iTunes Store Item, But Download Never Happened
Tips on how to make sure that you really get what you pay for at iTunes.

My iTunes Store Purchase Didn't Download Completely
If your iTunes Store purchase doesn't completely download, find out how to get help here.

Getting iTunes Support When Purchase Won't Play
If your iTunes Store purchase won't play, try these steps to get things working.

When You Can't Report an iTunes Store Problem
Sometimes, problems with making purchases from the iTunes Store are so tricky or weird that you can’t follow the standard report a problem process for getting iTunes support.

Getting iTunes Support for Purchases by Reporting a Problem
Buying content at the iTunes Store is usually pretty simple. But if something goes wrong, there's no phone number to call. So what do you do?

Fixing the iTunes Exclamation Point
From time to time--especially if you've recently moved your iTunes library to a new computer or copied songs from another computer or iPod--you'll see an exclamation point appear next to songs in iTunes. When you try to play those songs, nothing happens, or you get a pop-up error. The question is, of course, what's going on and how do you fix it?

Can I Redownload Apps Purchased from the App Store?
iCloud makes redownloading easier than ever.

Fixing iTunes Error -9800, -9815, -9814
Tips on how to fix iTunes error -9800, -9815, or -9814 an error related to the iTunes Store and your Mac's date and time settings.

Fixing iTunes Error 8248
Tips on how to fix iTunes error 8248, an error related to the iTunes Store and your computer running certain programs.

Fixing Error -9808 on iTunes
Tips on how to fix iTunes error -9809, an error related to the iTunes Store and your computer's date and time settings.

How to Reset iTunes Password
Forgetting your iTunes password can pose a number of problems, especially not being able to log into your iTunes account and download/purchase songs, apps, video, and other content from the iTunes Store. If you've tried all the passwords you think might be correct and you still can't login, you need to reset your iTunes password.

How To Get a Refund From iTunes
It's not obvious that it's possible, but you can get refunds from iTunes.

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