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iTunes Plus 101 -- Everything You Need to Know About iTunes Plus


NOTE: As of April 2009, all music on the iTunes Store is in iTunes Plus format.

iTunes Plus is the feature of iTunes that allows users to buy music from the iTunes Store that is free of digital rights management, or DRM. This allows customers to play the music on as many devices as they'd like.

Features of iTunes Plus Music

  • Files are higher quality, encoded at 256 kbps vs. 128 kbps for normal iTunes Store music.
  • There is no DRM on iTunes Plus files, meaning you can play them on as many devices as you want.
  • iTunes Plus music costs the same as for traditional iTunes Store music, anywhere from $0.69-$1.29 per song.
  • Upgrades to iTunes Plus are US$0.30 per song. For albums, upgrades are 30% of the album price. (NOTE: As of April 2009, upgrades are no longer available - though a few may be resumed at some point)

iTunes Plus Basics

iTunes Plus Mechanics

iTunes Plus Definitions

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