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iTunes Movie Rentals

How tos, FAQs, and tips and tricks related to the iTunes Movie Rental service.

iTunes Movie Rental Frequently Asked Questions
Gets answers to common questions about renting movies at iTunes.

iTunes Movie Rentals Review
Apple has once again pushed forward the digital entertainment marketplace with its iTunes Movie Rental service. Though it’s not perfect, after having used Apple’s iTunes Movie Rental service a couple of times in the week since it was unveiled, I’d say that this is the best offering of its kind to date and may point the way to how we’ll get our...

Using iTunes Movie Rentals
The iTunes Video Rentals service works just about as smoothly as all the other services you’ve come to expect from the iTunes Store.But, because there are so many more options when it comes to iTunes movie rentals, there are a few more steps involved. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of renting movies from the iTunes Store.

Introduction to Syncing iTunes Movie Rentals
One of the nice features of iTunes Movie Rentals is the ability to watch the movies you rent on a portable device like an iPod or iPhone. Apple has made the process of moving rented movies to your iPod or iPhone very easy. Heres how you do it.

Removing iTunes Movie Rentals from iPhone or iPod
Getting movies rented from iTunes off of your iPhone or iPod is just as easy as getting them onto it. Here’s how.

What are the system requirements for iTunes Movie Rentals?
A list of the system requirements needed to rent and watch movies from the iTunes Store.

Can I get around the 24-hour/30-day time limits on movie rentals?
How to get around the time limits placed on movies rented from the iTunes Store.

What hardware do iTunes Movie Rentals work with?
The list of hardware devices that movies rented from the iTunes Store work on.

When do movies rented from iTunes expire?
Information about when movies rented from the iTunes Store expire, both long-term and short-term.

Can I rent movies from iTunes if I live outside the U.S.?
Information about renting movies from the iTunes Store overseas.

Are iTunes Movie Rental Downloads Interruptible?
Sometimes Internet connections get lost during the download of purchased content, such as a movie rented from the iTunes Store. When it comes to iTunes Movie Rentals, just because your download didn’t complete properly doesn't mean you're stuck.

The new movie I'm interested in, it’s not on iTunes. What's up?
Answers to questions about the release schedule of iTunes Movie Rentals and how it relates to DVD release dates.

What do movies rented from the iTunes Store cost?
Answer to the question about what movies rented from the iTunes Store cost.

Can I rent HD (high-definition) quality movies from iTunes?
Information about renting HD movies from the iTunes Store on the Apple TV and other devices.

Searching for iTunes Movie Rentals
Tips on how to search for movies to rent or buy at iTunes on the desktop and on iOS.

Watching Movies and Video on the iPhone
Thoughts on the experience of watching movies, TV, and other video on the iPhone.

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