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How to Use iTunes Sharing


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Introduction to iTunes Sharing
How to Use iTunes Sharing

Did you know that you can listen to other people's iTunes libraries from your own computer and let those people listen to yours? Well, you can by using iTunes sharing.

Turning iTunes sharing on is a simple preference change that can make your digital entertainment life a little more fun.

Before we start, you should be aware of two restrictions to iTunes sharing:

  1. You can only listen to shared iTunes libraries on your network (on your wireless network, in your house, in your office, etc.). This is great for offices, dorms, or homes with multiple computers.
  2. You cannot listen to iTunes Store-purchased songs from another computer unless your computer has been authorized to play that content. If it hasn't been, you'll have to content yourself with listening to music ripped from CDs or downloaded in other ways.

That said, here's how to enable iTunes sharing.

NOTE: This kind of iTunes sharing allows you to listen to other people's libraries, but not copy music from them. To do that, use Home Sharing.

Begin by going to iTunes and opening your preferences window (it's in the iTunes menu on a Mac and the Edit menu on a PC). Select the sharing icon at the top of the list.

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