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How to Install iTunes on Windows


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Choose Installation Options
Install itunes, step 3

After agreeing to terms and proceeding through the initial, basic steps of the installation process, iTunes will ask you to choose some installation options. They include:

  • Add iTunes and QuickTime shortcuts to my desktop - This will place the iTunes and QuickTime icons on your desktop for easy access. If you often launch programs by double-clicking on their icons from your desktop, choose this. ITunes will also be added to your Start menu regardless of what you choose here.
  • Use iTunes as the default player for audio files - Choose this if you want iTunes to handle all your audio files, including CDs, MP3s, podcasts, and downloads.
  • Default iTunes language - Choose the language you want iTunes to be in.
  • Destination Folder - This is where iTunes and its files will be installed. Unless you know what you're doing with this and have a reason to change it, use the default setting.

When you've made your choices, click the "Install" button.

Once you've done this, iTunes will go through its install process. You'll see a progress bar during the installation that tells you how close it is to being done. When the installation is complete, you'll be asked to click a "Finish" button. Do so.

You'll also be asked to restart your computer to finish the installation. You can do that now or later; either way, you'll be able to use iTunes right away.

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