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How to Burn CDs with iTunes


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Choose Settings for Burning CD
burn cd in iTunes, step 4

Confirming CD burn settings

Depending on your version of iTunes, clicking Burn isn't quite your last step to creating a CD in iTunes.

In iTunes 10 or earlier, it is; you'll see iTunes begin to burn the CD pretty quickly.

In iTunes 11 or later, a pop up window will ask you to confirm the settings you want to use when burning your CD. Those settings are:

  • Preferred Speed - This controls how quickly iTunes creates your CD. In most cases, you'll want Maximum Possible.
  • Disc Format - To make a CD that can be played in stereos, cars, and other standard CD players, choose Audio CD. To burn a disc of the MP3s of the songs so they can be transferred to another computer, choose MP3 CD (if you want to move files, this is better than an Audio CD because an MP3 CD can hold more songs). To create a CD or DVD that stores only data and is only used in a computer, choose Data CD or DVD.
  • Gap Between Songs - If you choose Audio CD, you can control how much silence there is between each song, from a few seconds to none. Some CDs are designed to listened to without the short gaps of silence between songs. These are called "gapless" tracks or CDs and they include some classical music recordings and concert recordings, among others. Find the menu labeled Gap Between Songs. The drop-down menu next to it lets you choose how long the silence between songs will be. For a gapless CD, choose 0 seconds.
  • Use Sound Check - The Sound Check feature of iTunes checks all of the songs on your playlist and tries to adjust them to equal volume (not all songs are recorded at the same volume).
  • Include CD Text - Some CD players, especially in cars, can display the song title or artist name for the song that's playing. If you have one of those CD players and want this information to appear when the CD is playing, check this box.

When you've selected all of your settings, click Burn.

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