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How to Burn CDs with iTunes


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Introduction to Burning CDs with iTunes
Burning CDs in iTunes, Step 1

ITunes is a great program for managing your music library and your iPod, but not everything we want out of our music can be done on an iPod or computer. Sometimes we still have to do things the old-fashioned way (You know, the way we did in 1999). Sometimes, our needs can only be met by burning CDs.

If that's the case, iTunes has you covered with a simple process to help you create the CD mixes you want.

To burn a CD in iTunes, begin by creating a playlist. The exact steps for creating a playlist depend on what version of iTunes you're using. This article covers making playlists in iTunes 11. If you have an earlier version of iTunes, click the link in the last paragraph.

In iTunes 11, there are two ways to create a playlist: either go to File -> New -> Playlist, or click on the Playlist tab, then click the + button in the bottom left corner of the window. Select New Playlist.

NOTE: You can burn a song to CD an unlimited number of times. You are limited, however, to burning 5 CDs from the same playlist. Additionally, you can only burn songs that are authorized to play through your iTunes account.

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