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Getting Started with iTunes

The basics of what you need to know about setting up iTunes, adding your CDs to it, and more.

Where to Download iTunes for Mac, Windows, Liunx, and 64-bit
Find out where to download many different versions of iTunes, from Mac to Windows, Linux to 64-bit.

How to Install iTunes on Windows
Using iTunes isn't technically a requirement for having an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, but it's the easiest way to get content to your device.

How to Install iTunes on a Mac
You won't need to install iTunes on a Mac very often, but if you do, here's how.

Adding Songs from CDs to Your iTunes and iPod
Got a big stack of CDs you'd like to add to your iTunes library and your iPod or iPhone? Learn the ins and outs of doing that here.

Why Do We Need an iTunes Account When We Have AOL?
You may not actually need a separate iTunes account if you’re an AOL user, but if think you might ever stop being an AOL user, you may want to consider a separate iTunes account.

Creating an iTunes Store Account
Without an iTunes account, you can't do much. You can't buy music, download apps, rent movies, or activate your device. Basically, if you have no iTunes account, there's not much point in having an iOS device.

How to Change iTunes CD Import Settings
When you rip CDs in iTunes, you have a number of choices for what kinds of files you create, from MP3 to AAC to Apple Lossles, and more.

Creating and Using Playlists
Learn how to use iTunes to create custom song mixes, burn CDs, and sync multiple iPods to the same computer.

How Do I Convert iTunes to MP3?
Convert AAC files to MP3s in three easy steps.

How to Burn CDs with iTunes
Step-by-step instructions on how to burn CDs using iTunes.

How to Add Folders to iTunes
Got a folder full of downloaded MP3s? Save time by adding the entire folder to iTunes.

Turn on iTunes Sharing
Did you know that when more than one iTunes library is connected to the same network--and the sharing feature is turned on--you can listen to other people's music?

How To Categorize and Edit iTunes Song Info
Songs copied from CD will usually show information like artist and song/album name in iTunes. But what if they don't? Or if they have the wrong information?

How and Why to Rate Songs in iTunes
You may be surprised at all the things iTunes lets you do once you've rated some songs.

How to Use iTunes Home Sharing
Home Sharing lets multiple computers in a single house on the same Wi-Fi network share music between their iTunes libraries.

How to Update iTunes
Each time Apple releases an iTunes update, new features and bug fixes are added to the software--and you'll almost always want the latest and greatest.

How to Change Billing Address, Payment, and More in Your iTunes Account
Need to change the address or credit card on file in your iTunes account? Here's how.

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