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iTunes Season Pass Definition


iTunes season pass

iTunes Season Pass - The iTunes Season Pass is a feature of the iTunes Store that allows users to purchase a full season's worth of a TV show at the iTunes Store before all episodes have been released.

The Season Pass feature allows users to pre-pay for the season's worth of content, often at a discounted price, and then download the episodes from the iTunes Store as they become available. This purchase is made at the show's page in the iTunes Store. All currently available episodes will automatically download. Later episodes are downloaded automatically as they are released on iTunes.

When new episodes are available, users are notified by email. Notifications are usually sent the morning after the latest episode has aired on TV in that user's country.

In some cases, users who purchase a Season Pass receive some bonus downloadable content.

This feature is only available for shows that are currently being broadcast on TV or cable. Shows that are no longer producing new episodes are not eligible for Season Passes.

Season Pass can be used with Macs, Windows PC, iOS devices, and the Apple TV. TV seasons purchased via Season Pass are added to the user's iCloud account and can be re-downloaded later.

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