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What is iTunes Plus



iTunes Plus - iTunes Plus is the name for the option in iTunes that allows customers to buy music at the iTunes Store that is free from digital rights management, or DRM.

DRM, which puts certain conditions on the use of files that include it, has long been a controversial issue among some users. The DRM Apple has used on its iTunes Store music allows customers to share files on up to 5 authorized computers.

ITunes Plus files have no such restrictions on how they are shared or used.

ITunes Plus songs cost US$0.99 (though they were initially priced at US$1.29, $0.30 more than the $0.99 price that music with DRM bought at the iTunes Store did). When iTunes Plus was unveiled, users were able to upgrade their earlier, DRM purchases to iTunes Plus, DRM-free purchases for a limited time.

Music with DRM is still available for purchase at the iTunes Store.

iTunes 7.2

File Format

Bit Rate
256 Kbps

Date Announced
April 2, 2007

Date Introduced
May 30, 2007

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